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Symphonic Poem "Hope" is a small album of songs used in a promotional video for Final Fantasy XII. The album was composed and performed by violinist Taro Hakase and guitarist Yuji Toriyama.

The collective movements of Symphonic Poem "Hope" play as the closing credits theme of Final Fantasy XII.

Track list[]

  1. 1st mov. "Overture"
  2. 2nd mov. "March of a Wise man"
  3. 3rd mov. "Road of Hope"
  4. 4th mov. "Romance"
  5. 5th mov. "Road of Hope~Refrain"

Bonus DVD[]

  • FINAL FANTASY XII Promotion Video Symphonic Poem "Hope"

Limited edition[]

Limited Edition cover.

A limited edition of the album was also released and it features a special region 2 DVD, a folded Final Fantasy XII character poster, and one of three original character stickers. The DVD contains clips from the CGI scenes from Final Fantasy XII, some featuring the game's characters.

Sheet music[]

Book cover.

Final Fantasy XII Symphonic Poem Hope Piano Solo Sheet Music, is a publication only for the "Symphonic Poem 'Hope'" and contains solo piano sheet music the five moments the single.