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Sylvestre Lesage is a character in Final Fantasy XVI. He is the Emperor of Sanbreque, the second husband of Anabella Rosfield and the father of Dion and Olivier.




FF16 Sylvestre Lesage



Though once regarded as a kind, wise and caring ruler who took the charge in protecting his people seriously, as his son Prince Dion stated, the lack of options regarding the Blight creeping onto Sanbreque and most likely, his marriage to Anabella Rosfield caused a dark change in the Emperor. This led to a number of betrayals, such as with Rosaria at Phoenix Gate and attacking the Crystalline Dominon. As a result of Anabella's toxic influence, instilling him her myopic obsession with elitism and lineage, Sylvestre became apathetic, power-hungry and tyrannical. Willing to break treaties with the Crystalline Dominion and take their capital for his own, Sylvestre began to have the deluded ambition of having the Sanbreque standard hang across the world, unconcerned of the costs such a campaign would have on their people, stating they can merely rebuild their losses. However, this left him more and more susceptible to Anabella's suggestions, even willing to have Dion passed over as heir and make his second born son, Olivier, emperor. Yet, like Anabella, he failed to take into account how popular and beloved Dion was with the people and how much umbrage Dion could take in allowing Anabella to manipulate him, which led the prince to lead a coup d'etat.

Sylvestre pins a flower on Dion's lapel from FFXVI

Sylvestre pins a flower that symbolizes the empire onto his firstborn, Dion.

Dion believed his father still had some nobility and compassion within him as, after confronting him during his coup, the prince reminded him of the lessons he taught him when he was young. This appeared to affect him and nearly convinced Sylvestre to cease his current course. Unfortunately, Ultima's manipulations as Olivier would deny him the chance of redemption by having him as a shield to protect him from Dion's attack, leaving Dion devasted and eventually being driven mad after becoming Bahamut.

It's been stated the Sylvestre had a close relationship with his son Dion but again due to Anabella's influence, their relationship began to deteriorate and become unstable. Dion attempted to stay true to his values and remind his father of his own, Sylvestre took this as a sign of disobedience and treachery, leading him to name Olivier as Emperor not only to appease Anabella but was done out of senseless paranoia. This was the last straw for Dion, and seeing how easily Anabella and Ultima were manipulating him, the prince felt action was the only way to get his father to see reason.


Lesage means "the wise" in French.

Sylvestre is a first name of Latin origin, derived from Silva ("forest"), this name has also been used by several Christian saints and four Catholic popes.