Faris's best friend, and her ship's primary means of motion. Wait...does that make her ship a sea chariot? Oh, and don't worry. There won't be any tearful good-byes on this adventure.

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Syldra is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy.

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Who's Who

Notes: Faris's closest friend / Pirate ship power source
Syldra's Clan
While seemingly a unique Mirage, Syldra used to have a larger family. Her clan is gone now, but at least one extant relative, the sea dragon elasmos, appears to live on somewhere in Grymoire.
Exceptionally Talented
Syldra can single-handedly pull a ship through the ocean, drive off a band of Bahamutian soldiers in one blow, and even cross to the Low Seas. She's certainly impressive.
However, Syldra wasn't summoned to Grymoire, nor is she merely some pet. Faris found Syldra struggling in the river shallows; after going through a whole mess of trouble together, they became fast friends.
First World of Origin:


Syldra appears with Faris and fights in conjunction with her.

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Encounter Stats

These stats are for the storyline encountered version of Syldra. For the imprismable version, see Syldra★




  • Normally, a "★" is placed on the in-battle name of the "character" version of a Mirage when there a two different ones with the same name. Syldra is the only exception to this, possibly due to an imprismable version not being included until the Maxima edition.
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