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The Sworn Six of Paladia originally the Sworn Eight of Paladia are the main antagonists for a majority of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Season One and supporting characters on Season Two. A powerful group of six mysterious individuals fully clad in armor, working to achieve revenge, they seek the destruction of the crystals enshrined throughout the world of Lapis.

Once inhabitants of the world of Paladia and servants of Aldore during the war against Hess and the Eight Sages, they share the name of Veritas (ヴェリアス, Veriasu?, lit. Vellious), and each controls a particular element which they are titled after. The group is thus also collectively known simply as The Veritas. There were originally eight members, but the original group incurred in losses due to defection or death. Furthermore the identity of those under the armors has changed over time.

They are the game's equivalent of the Four Fiends.

Story (Season One)[]

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The Sworn Six of Paladia, originally known as the Sworn Eight of Paladia, were once a group of inhabitants in the world of Paladia. As Hess wanted to declare independence from Paladia and create a new nation with visionary magics as its cornerstone, Aldore opposed Hess which became the origin of the war that divided the world into two beliefs with the Sworn Eight remaining loyal to Aldore becoming the lieutenants of the Aldore faction. As proof, they were each given a suit of armor with special features and each member ingrained with immortality. Although they followed Aldore, the group was not content with the war and reluctantly kept fighting while killing many people which did not bode well for them. While initially the weaker faction, Hess managed to form a group of eight individuals known as Hess' Eight Sages which would become the faction's main force, allowing them to stand in opposition to the Sworn Eight.

At some point when the war raged, Veritas of the Waters although a skilled combatant could not stomach the cruelties of war and began to despair as she killed others. Not wanting her heart to break apart at further murder, she decided to utilize a special technique that allowed her to hypnotize herself and create a desired, cruel and ruthless persona, suited for war. Flame pleaded with Waters to stop as he would convince their leaders to let her go. However she refused to let anybody else bear the sins of war so she decided to bear them herself, creating an homicidal warrior.

As the war progressed both sides began to incur in heavy losses which became worse as time passed. Thus the first Veritas of the Dark decided to enact a bold plan to end the war quick so as to prevent further bloodshed, which involved sealing the Sages inside Crystals so that Hess' faction would be left without strength, giving Aldore a significant advantage over Hess. However the Sworn Eight would then force the leaders of the Aldore faction to negotiate Hess' independence, threatening to side with Hess should they attempt any further use of force on the faction, thus using the leverage of turning the war results around to coerce them into resolving the conflict peacefully.

Nearing the time for the final confrontation Raegen met with both Veritas of the Light and Veritas of the Bolt. He asked them what they would do after the war ended. Light was puzzled by the question. Raegen elaborated he wanted to journey around the world after Hess achieves the long desired independence, wishing to witness the ensuing events close by. Light who held feelings for him, decided she would join him wherever he went.

Before enacting the plan Veritas of the Frost would due to his own reckless approach, disobey Raegen's orders and march on his own. Although the Darklord tried to stop him, Frost responded he try to do so with force, causing Raegen to let the Frostlord go as he did not want to risk unnecessary injuries before their grand, final battle.

Although the Sworn Eight lost Veritas of the Frost in battle, they nonetheless succeeded in their plan of sealing the Sages in Crystals so as to force negotiations, but unexpectedly for them, Aldore began to fear the Sworn Eight's power and betrayed them, causing the piece of land where the Sworn Eight, the Eight Sages sealed in Crystal, and several people from Paladia to be transported into the world of Lapis through an interdimensional Gate.

The Sworn Eight, bitter at their leader's betrayal wanted revenge, but were unable to due to being in a different world with nearly immortal bodies as a result of Aldore's technology. The soldiers of both factions began to forsake the war while settling with the people of Lapis. The Sworn Eight stuck together as a group while also living with the people of Lapis. Although their feelings changed, their hatred was still latent.

At some point 100 years ago, both Veritas of the Light and Sakura stumbled upon the Magic Library which they discovered was originally from Paladia. While checking the books the sisters found one that held knowledge of the Gates and discovered that the magic utilized to transport them to Lapis was still active. Realizing that the Gate accumulated magic and needed to open once every 100 years in order to prevent it from running amok, the Sworn Eight had finally found a way to return to their world and the flames of revenge were lit once more.

In order to return to their world the Sworn Eight had to destroy the Crystals that served as a seal. If they succeeded the landmass that was transported, would return to Paladia. Light consulted with the others and Veritas of the Flame, Waters, Earth and Heavens, all agreed they should destroy the Crystals to return to their land. Light went to meet her sister and Raegen. However both of them realizing they had changed and no longer desired revenge, much less at the cost of innocent lives as the massive landmass transportation had fatal side-effects on the overall geography, wiping many civilians during the merging process. Light pleaded with Raegen to reconsider even threatening to attack him, but he told her that she was free to attack her but that he would pursue his dream of journeying around the world. Discarding their armors both Raegen and Sakura left the group, causing the remaining members of the Sworn Eight to reform under the leadership of a new Veritas of the Dark as the Sworn Six of Paladia. However none of the other members except for Light knew the truth of his identity, believing him to be Raegen all along.

The Sworn Six thus began their machinations, looking for the Crystals while constructing the airship, the Invincible, that would allow them to pass through the Gate without harm. At some later point Light met with Raegen on a raining day. She told him that their plans were progressing smoothly and tried to convince him to rejoin them. Raegen refused since he still wanted to "journey" the path of a normal life. Light tried to return him by force but the talk was interrupted by Sophia, Raegen's wife. Sophia begged Light to let them live in peace. Light took the chance and threatened to kill her if Raegen did not rejoin them. However Raegen refused and battle Light but without his armor was at a disadvantage. Sophia then shielded him from a blast from Light's armor getting killed in the process, Raegen took his wife's corpse to Rain while cryptically saying he was responsible for his mother's death, whereas Light was left horrified at the murder she committed.


Veritas of the Dark is first seen at the Earth Shrine at the Earth Crystal. He's confronted by Rain and Lasswell, and says their ignorance is their sin and that he will end the world before. He defeats the duo easily and destroys the Crystal. He exits the shrine and destroys the heroes' airship, killing the crew. The destruction of the Crystal makes the monsters more malevolent and aggressive.

The Sworn Six later assault the Grandshelt Castle with an army of monsters. The two heroes encounter Veritas of the Dark after they rescue the King, where Veritas of the Dark is with his companions who are hooded at this time. As he prepares to strike both of them Fina imprisoned in Crystal appears from the castle's ground and shields them from Veritas's attack. Seeing the outcome, Veritas deems that their mission in Grandshelt is done, declares himself Veritas of the Dark of the Six Sworn of Paladia, and retreats.

Veritas of the Dark later appears alone in Lanzelt Ruins. He breaks a mysterious statue, calling it the vessel of Paladia. Veritas declares to himself that both ignorance and the world will soon end. Rain, Lasswell and Fina confront him, and while the trio at first bests him, Veritas unleashes his true power and easily defeats them. He notices that Fina has lost her memories, but pays it no mind as he's confident she will soon remember, and leaves.

At the Shrine of Decay the warriors come to face Dr. Lazarov, a scientist working for Veritas, and witness his inhumane research creating monsters out of humans. The mad scientist unleashes his latest creation on the warriors while he escapes.


Upon arriving in the continent of Dirnado, and accompanied by the engineer Lid, the party listens to a dwarf claim that a man named Veritas has been kidnapping his kin for an unknown purpose.

In the village of Ambel, the party encounters a dwarf being assaulted by a flying figure who reveals himself as Veritas of the Heavens, a user of wind magic. Trying to save the dwarf the warriors confront him. Although they repel him, they are unable to defeat him, as their attacks barely had an effect. Veritas commends the warriors for being able to provide "some sport," saying they have already waited 700 years for their vengeance before leaving.

On the Mobreeze Airship Factory, the party tries to reach the Crystal of Wind before Veritas can, and have an encounter with Evan, Lid's brother who is under employment of Veritas. Evan is digging out an ancient airship known as the Invincible and building weapons for Veritas. Evan rejects his sister's pleas and sends a robot known as the Guardian to destroy them, but the warriors escape.

The party encounters Veritas of the Heavens at the end of Galebreak, having killed several guards. Veritas mocks them and disappears to the Wind Shrine. Lid joins the party upon learning they are set to defeat them.

Upon reaching the Wind Shrine the party walks a few steps from the entrance, but Rain senses Veritas of the Heavens nearby. Veritas ridicules the party, saying they took too long to notice, and that if it was Veritas of the Dark, he would have noticed his presence the moment he set foot on the shrine. He gives them one last chance to retreat before going after the Crystal. Both forces reach the Crystal room where they engage in combat, the party defeating Veritas and leaving him on the last of his strength. His mask shatters and reveals his identity as the first engineer to carry the title of Cid from fifteen generations ago. Using the last of his strength Veritas of the Heavens destroys the Wind Crystal causing the Shrine to collapse, with him rejoicing that with the destruction of the Crystal, the seal on the heart of the Invincible will break, making the airship operative again.

Heavens is weakened but retreats to the now functional Invincible where he finds Veritas of the Dark waiting on the deck. Heavens comments it was careless of him to let his identity be revealed, but Dark assures him that it won't matter since the party won't find the truth. They are interrupted by Veritas of the Waters who mocks Heavens for his carelessness, but says she will clean after his mess. Waters says she will put the treasure Dark found on Lanzelt Ruins to good use on her next scheme, and asks a witnessing Evan if he's fine with his sister dying for their objectives. Evan reaffirms she can do as she pleases and leaves. Waters is overjoyed she can use all her strength without reservation, but Evan is secretly worried.


Veritas of the Waters attacks the Olderion region, with her plan being to hurt their deity Leviathan to befoul the waters of the land, which in turn would cause hordes of monsters to attack as the water's purity protects people from such events. By doing so the Water Priestess Luka would be forced to come out so that Waters could kill her and dispel the barrier surrounding the Water Shrine, allowing the armored assailant to break the Water Crystal.

The party joins with Nichol, Luka's older brother and accompany both siblings to Lake Dorr where Waters awaits them with monsters. The party defeats the monsters used by Waters so in turn she uses Leviathan which blasts the party with his magic. Luka prays in order to return the Water God back to his senses. This works and Leviathan attacks Waters, forcing her to flee between shock and insults. Due to the damage done to the waters, Luka is forced to remain in order to clean them but she gifts Fina some power to allow the party to enter the Water Shrine.

Waters now floods the city using the Sacred Ring of Paladia. Fina confronts her with the clash causing her to revert to her true form which is strong enough to force the Waterlord to retreat. Dark Fina however senses her presence and the party chase after her.

With the help of Pirate Captain Mercedes, the party finds Waters in the Ghost Ship where Fina mocks Waters' ineptitude to hide. Waters loses the ring during the battle which Rain touches, his arm glowing she decides to retreat, hiding under Elle's shadow.

The party reaches the Water Shrine where Fina undoes the barrier, however Waters who was hiding nearby sends monsters after them. Elle rushes to the Crystal chamber only to realize he led his enemy directly where she wanted. The Waterlord then plans to ambush the party and kill them on the chamber, but Elle fights her sustaining fatal injuries but delays her enough to ruin her plan as the party defeats her, although she escapes she succeeds in destroying the Crystal. Dark Fina uses what power remains to restore Olderion to normalcy and returns to Fina.

After Veritas of the Waters is defeated, Veritas of the Dark wanders on a road surrounded by cherry blossoms approached by Sakura who believes the Darklord to be Raegen and to cease his revenge and return to his family. The Darklord denies having any family and attacks her but she avoids the attack.


Atop the Invincible, Dark is visited by Veritas of the Flame who asks Dark if he's thinking about Rain. He in turn reminds Flame that he is supposed to go to the Fire Shrine which Flame responds he will and that he will likely face Rain and leaves. The Darklord believes Rain cannot defeat the Flamelord.

At the Volcanic Grounds Rain and his party meet Veritas of the Flame who is on his way to the Fire Shrine. He easily defeats Rain and Lasswell and mocks the latter's ineptitude at handling his sword and if he could unleash its true power they could beat him.

The party with the guidance of Jake reach the Fire Shrine where they face the Flamelord. Lasswell's desire to be stronger allows him to use the full power of his weapon and defeat the Flamelord, but Lasswell is on the verge of dying due to injuries he had hidden. The Darklord appears and restores the Flamelord and Lasswell to full health as he wanted to duel them with his comrade. A battle ensues and the Sworn Six duo is defeated and retreats.

Their former comrade Dr. Lazarov however had secretly taken the Invincible in order to use it as a genocidal weapon to create corpses for his experiments. The party eventually catches up to him and defeat him, only for the Heavenlord to appear. The scientist pleads with the Paladian to save him, but he refuses as he was never a comrade and his theft disgusted the group so Heavens kills Lazarov on the spot. He congratulates the party on defeating his comrades but assures them they still have much to learn about their cause and expels them from the airship. Lid however is confident he won't use it the same way as Lazarov.

Heavens meets with the Darklord and Flamelord, the latter chastising Heavens for not fighting Rain's party and that he would have gone to settle their score. The Darklord in turn says Flame is getting to passionate and to not lose sight of their goal which they are close to achieving as the land cracks before them.


Meanwhile in a raining plains, Veritas of the Earth and Light discuss their plans. Realizing they had been tricked by the Mysidians the two now set on going to the Magic City in order to destroy the Crystals. Knowing things would likely turn personal for them, they remind each other to not lose sight of their goals.

Both Earth and Light ambush the party at the Nameless Ruins where the Crystal of Light resides. Sakura is stricken by Light while Earth catapults the party outside with a tremor, he then uses his shield to summon the Demon Wall for the party to face. They defeat the monster but Earth unsatisfied at Fina's current level of power empowers Fina in order to return her back to Dark Fina, leaving her shocked at what he has done, but motivated to reignite their rivalry.

Seeing the danger of letting Dark Fina be captured, Sakura teleports the party away, sacrificing the Light Crystal in order to guarantee the survival of the last one.

Dark Fina's resurrection causes the other Fina to disappear in the former's mind so the party performs a ritual in the Magic Library to enter a world of Fina's memories where the party learns of the previous war between Aldore and Hess. The party fights that world's Dark Fina and subsequently stop the Earthlord of that world from killing her but are summoned back as there is danger in the real world.

Veritas of the Light attacks them with monsters and realizing Rain is Raegen's son, she chastises him as a traitor and attempts to kill him. Her sisterhood with Sakura is revealed as her armor falls down and she reveals Raegen was the Darklord, leaving the party confused as to why he's a traitor and at the same time their main enemy. Light however summons power enough to create a large magical explosion forcing Sakura to teleport the party away, their goal to save Fina still incomplete.

Anticipating their next move Earth would await the party at the Magi Training Grounds while wondering why Dark Fina would ever side with Hess in the first place. He is surrounded by Mysidian Mages who attack him but Earth effortlessly kills all of them but one who managed to flee.

The party finds the Earthlord who offers Dark Fina to join them but she refuses while hinting she prefers to be with the man she loves (looking at Rain). The party on Nichol's suggestion decide to flee so the Lightlord doesn't catch up to them.

In order to once more enter Fina's Psyche to save Fina from disappearing, Sakura guides the party through the Mysidia Tower. Since the tower is brimming with magical power, Sakura is able to restore her lost strength and enact the spell to allow the party to enter Fina's mind while Sakura protects her bodies.

In the memory world, Rain rejoin with the Sworn Six but have an awkward moment due to their previous fight with the Earthlord, who was revealed to have been worried all along. The Darklord has them join in his plan to seal the Sages in Crystal which they agree to do and fight Dark Fina of the memory world once more. Dark Fina asks what Rain's motivation is and he says that it is to protect a girl named Fina as he seals her in Crystal. They reunite with the Darklord and celebrate their victory but the land is being pulled apart and the party briefly witnesses the moment of Aldore's betrayal and the turning point for the Sworn Sin.

Back in the real world Sakura says they succeeded in saving Fina but Dark Fina also exists simultaneously. The Lightlord and Earthlord appear soon after and surround them. The Earthlord demands to know why Dark Fina joined Hess, and she responds she did in order to fight stronger opponents as Hess' faction was the weaker of the too. Realizing that she was a true warrior to the end, the Earthlord and Dark Fina reignite their rivalry in less hostile terms and fight each other while the party fights Veritas of the Light.

The Lightlord is driven to a corner and reveals her own ability to summon Visions but is nonetheless defeated. Sakura tries to convince her to desist from revenge, but she refuses as she will not stop until she has revenge on Aldore. The party is confused but Rain realizes that Aldore had betrayed the Sworn Eight which is how they were expelled to Lapis.

The Darklord appears and commends Rain for learning the truth at last. He orders his fallen comrades to retreat and promises Rain to destroy everything he loves for the sake of revenge, Rain in turn vows to stop him at all costs.


As the party travels in Gronoa in the Miasma Pass, the party is ambushed by Light. Angered at her sister, she summons Visions and attempts to assault the party. However she is soundly defeated and curses Rain before falling from a cliff. She survives but begins to reminisce about the day she killed Sophia and clings to her revenge even more as her only goal.

In Underworld Gaberada, Dark Fina senses the Dark Elf and warns the rest of the party of his erratic nature. Knowing he may approach the Dark Crystal, the party races to prevent the Sage from destroying the last Crystal. Sakura begins to wonder how the Dark Elf may have changed after his imprisonment.

The Party manages to find and witness the Dark Elf opening a path for himself with his destructive magic and continue to race against him, with Sakura's fears confirmed that the Dark Elf has changed for the worse as a result of being sealed for so long.

The party is blasted by his powerful magic, giving the Lightlord a chance at killing them but decides against an easy victory. Not wanting to let the Dark Elf have the Crystal she chases after him, however she too is also defeated by him. The party catches up to her and she urges Rain to kill her revealing to was her who murdered his mother. Rain in turn is thankful for learning the truth and leaves. Light threatens to gun him from the back and he says she is free to do so, mirroring the moment she threatened Raegen several years ago, leaving her stunned.

The party faces the Dark Elf once more and fight him, but the mad sage now puts his own life energy on his attack to overpower the party. He attempts to attack Rain but the Lightlord blasts the Sage and kills him. She retreats vowing to settle the score with them.

At the Invincible, Flame approaches Dark saying that only one Crystal remains and sharing his regrets that their companion Frost is lost and would not be able to join them for their final battle. Dark questions whether the Frostlord truly died as neither his remains or his armor were ever found so he's confident he is alive somewhere.

While preparing to defend the last Crystal from the Veritas, Sakura senses something is amiss and guides the party feeling this could concern the Sworn Six. At Duggle Village the armor of Veritas of the Frost which was worshiped as an idol awakens and freezes the village. He forces Rain's party to fight with each other in order to find the strongest of the group for him to fight.

As the battles rage, the Sworn Six go to one of Lazarov's laboratories with technology to strengthen life energy. Knowing the next battle will be the last the Darklord encourages his comrades to enter the capsules and empower themselves.

Rain and Lasswell are the last to fight with the latter feeling guilty over his newly achieved strength and easily defeats Rain as Lasswell never truly wanted to stand above his adopted brother but rather at his side. Rain curses his own weakness and unleashes the power dormant within him challenging Lasswell once more. The two clash with Tranquility and Rain is the victor.

Frost keeps his word and thaws out the villagers, however the Frostlord awaits for them at the Crystal Chamber where he threatens with a timed spell to destroy the Crystal. The party defeat him but surprisingly the Crystal is intact as he did nothing to it. The empowered Sworn Six appear before them, and Sakura is forced to summon her own armor for the battle. The Sworn Six notice the Frostlord and encourage them to join back. He however refuses and takes his helmet off revealing none other than Raegen himself, leaving everyone flabbergasted as to who the Darklord before them is then.

A battle between both parties sparks, with the Waterlord behaving strangely as she is weakened. The Flamelord blasts Raegen and Lasswell away in order to protect his comrade, who spots an opening but fails to destroy the Crystal as it was protected by Raegen's barrier. The Darklord orders his comrades to focus on Raegen but they disobey him demanding to know who is he. Before long the land is unstable as a result of the Gate growing weaker with just one Crystal so Sakura and Raegen teleport everyone including the Crystal to the Kingdom of Pharm.


Upon landing on Pharm, a clash occurs within the party as Nichol is full-bent on achieving revenge against the Waterlord. Sakura senses the Earthlord nearby and they chase after him. A battle occurs and the Earthlord is defeated. Nichol kicks the wounded Earthlord and demands to know where the Waterlord is, but Earth doesn't know so Nichol attempts to kill him but is stopped by Rain and Dark Fina. The dying Earthlord asks Dark Fina if he was a worthy rival and she says that he indeed was. Satisfied he asks the party to leave, as he is left crumbling away, making him the first member to fall.

Traveling further into the Mossy Woods the party finds Veritas of the Heavens. Lid tries to learn about his motivations as he had befriended the dwarves who still hold him in high regard. Heavens explains that when Aldore betrayed them, he was separated from his wife and daughter, and thus for 700 years he was unable to be by their side, the sorrow consuming him deeply. The party battles the Heavenlord and defeat him while Lid promises to wipe Cid's sorrow with her dream as Jake supports her. Cid is grateful to her and believes that she would be how his daughter would be like. Looking at the sky a final time he crumbles too, being the second to fall.

Upon reaching the Town of Sian, the party meets with Sakura's former student Ayaka who witnessed the Crystal flying. Not long after Goken returns with multiple injuries caused by a "monster in blue armor". Nichol knowing his target of revenge is nearby rushes with the party following behind. They find the Waterlord and the Flamelord as well who has his ally retreat. He then reveals the truth behind Veritas of the Waters to the party, that she has repeatedly used self-hypnosis on herself in order to create a cruel personality to fight in her place as her normal self could not stomach the bloodshed of the war. Nichol is unconcerned by this as it doesn't erase her sins. The Flamelord agrees but stands in their way to protect his comrade. Rain and Lasswell duel him and the Flamelord is defeated satisfied at having a good fight at last. Both knights praise their foe for not fighting for hatred.

The nearby Waterlord used hypnosis again and ambushes Nichol before running away prompting another chase. The party finds Waters in Lake Ryusei. Nichol asks the Waterlord why she chose this place to fight, and she in turn provokes him by saying it is similar to Lake Dorr where his sister was forced to remain behind and that she will kill him the same way she did to Elle. Another battle starts but uncharacteristic of the Waterlord, she doesn't use any traps as common of her. The party defeats her and Nichol realizes she was feigning hypnosis so that he could kill her. The Waterlord expresses her remorse over all the atrocities committed and reveals that she is in truth the first Water Priestess and long ancestor of Nichol, Elle and Luka. Knowing this truth, Nichol orders the Waterlord to help as many people as possible with what remaining life she has left as his "revenge". She accepts and teleports away.

Raegen meanwhile fights the Darklord and manages to overpower him, but Veritas of the Light horrified at Raegen learning his identity interferes. Raegen fights her and defeats her, which causes the Darklord to protect her and defeats Raegen, as the remaining Sworn Six chase after the Dark Crystal.

The party faces the Darklord at the Forgotten Walls. Dark, Rain and Lasswell exchange their excitement about fighting each other after everything they've went through. Without regrets and holding nothing back both parties battle. The Darklord proves a strong foe but is defeated at last. His helmet breaks apart, revealing he is a vision of Raegen summoned by Veritas of the Light with no recollection of his family in Lapis.

As the party celebrates their victory, the Dark Crystal is destroyed before them with the responsible party being Sol and the Behemoth K two of Hess' Sages. Sol blasts the party away with a Holy Spell while the Behemoth kills the Darklord leaving Citra in utter shock.

Final Chapter[]

Veritas of the Light is joined by the Waterlord who encourages her to help the party against the Sages. Citra now seeking revenge for the Darklord's death gladly joins. The two appear just in time when the party is surrounded by visions of monsters summoned by Sol. The party is victorious and make their way onwards.

Nichol has a private talk with Veritas of the Light about her revenge, he shares his point of view, that battles are fought to protect something or to take something away. Citra responds her motivations lie in either side, so Nichol says that if her conviction is so weak then to leave her revenge's fate to a coin toss. Heads and she will forsake revenge, Tails and he will do as she orders him to. She agrees and the result is heads, laughing at the result and noticing that Nichol had used a dual-headed coin (courtesy of Jake). However Light agrees with the outcome as she can use it as the excuse to leave her revenge behind.

Following this event, the Light and Waterlord discuss with Dark Fina her plan to become a Crystal using the Sacred Ring to keep Lapis from being pulled apart. The Lightlord asks if there is no other solution and Dark Fina says there isn't, so she is teleported by their magic to the Earth Shrine.

The party catches up to Sol who has the Behemoth K to deal with them as he departs. The party fights the monster who proves too strong to defeat for them. The Lightlord and Waterlord then commit the ultimate sacrifice teleporting away with the Behemoth to impede him from blocking the party's path. The armored women battle the Sage sharing an amusement for Nichol who changed their lives. However the Sage is too strong and kills both of them, teleporting away before the party and tossing their helmets. Nichol and Sakura witnessing this are driven to avenge them, seizing the chance of the Behemoth's weakening to defeat him for good.

Story (Season Two)[]


The Sworn Six of Paladia minus Veritas of the Dark are revived by Dark Fina in the Earth Shrine. They join Lasswell's party in their journey to Paladia desiring to witness their world after 700 years and if their sacrifice was worth it. As they reached Paladia they quickly learned that Aldore had become a ruthless dictatorship that threatened their homeworld. Raegen then reassumes leadership of the Sworn Six and separate themselves from Lasswell's party intending to put an end to the tyranny while the other group looks for Rain.

The Sworn Six reminisce how the Aldore Tower hasn't changed while everything else has and vow to end the Emperor's dictatorship venturing into the structure, riding the elevator to the top floors. The Sworn Six face a barrier shielding the path to the Emperor which the Flamelord fails to break apart. The Emperor communicates with them and mocks the Sworn Six as relics of the past and to show loyalty to him in order to live as slaves.

Raegen now donning his armor, awakens to his Aldore blood and dispels the barrier, vowing that this Aldore blood will end him. The Emperor is amused at the prospect that the chosen ones of the past will face the chosen ones of the present, The Orders. The Sworn Six travel further into the tower with Raegen having a bad feeling over the pressure he feels, as they are awaited by Hyoh and several high ranking Orders. The Sworn Six put in a brave fight against The Orders but they are one-sidedly defeated. Hyoh then defeats Raegen and has them imprisoned, reasoning that they are unworthy of executing as their battle did not satisfy him.

While imprisoned they are mysteriously released from their cells, taking the chance to escape. Raegen then orders the group to discard their armors as their functions were limited after the damage sustained in the previous battle. He reasons that without this special power the armors purely slow them down, and that in order to close the gap in power between them and their foes they need to risk their lives. The Sworn Six thus release themselves from their armors, grateful to them for centuries of service as they break their way through Aldore's forces.

After their escape, the Sworn Six notice the Aldore Tower is now protected by a large barrier surrounding it, so they make it their goal to destroy the facilities providing the energy for it.

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  • Raegen - Veritas of the Dark, a soldier carrying the royal blood of Aldore and the original leader of the group.
  • Cid - Veritas of the Heavens, an engineer, dragoon, and the inventor of the airship.
  • Folka - Veritas of the Waters, a water priestess and the first Warden of the Waters.
  • Ignacio - Veritas of the Flame, a mighty warrior and blacksmith who has forged several legendary weapons.
  • Sieghard - Veritas of the Earth, a handsome knight and thespian of noble birth.
  • Citra - Veritas of the Light, a beautiful summoner and the elder sister of Sakura.
  • Gilgamesh - Veritas of the Frost, a powerful warrior who wields numerous weapons.
  • Sakura - Veritas of the Bolt, a powerful sage and the younger sister of Citra.
  • Vision of Raegan - A vision summoned forth by Citra to lead the group following Raegen's departure.

Musical themes[]

"End is Nigh" is the eighteenth track of the second disc of the soundtrack and plays at several intervals although it is more commonly associated with Veritas of the Dark. It is composed by Noriyasu Agematsu and Nobuo Uematsu. The track is mostly played through organ and features a rather deep and terrifying tone.


Palladia is the plural form of palladium. Palladium is Latin for "safeguard".