The Sword of the Brave is a legendary sword from Bravely Second: End Layer, playing a minor yet influencing role in the storyline.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Little is known about the Sword of the Brave save that it is a weapon of great power which requests a terrible price for its use. Years before when their father refused to recognize his older brother unless he obtain it, Yew Geneolgia sought the blade to help his brother, Denys. Yew's research of the blade brought him to Geyser Grotto in Eisenberg where it was last seen, finding the weapon before being found by Denys who pleas his brother to not grab it. But Yew, believing he was willing to pay any price to help his brother, takes the sword. Yew is horrified when he realized the price he unknowingly paid was Denys's right arm, the sword vanishing once their business is complete.

Years later, the being known as Yōko used Yew's memories to subject him into living through the hellish ordeal again by presenting herself as a young girl who was helping her brother Danzaburō, an illusion she created, be recognized by their father. She even created an illusion of the sword itself to complete the deception.

Ringabel, having been sent by the Dimensional Bureau to deal with Yōko, later reports to the organization's vice president that the Sword of the Brave does exist.

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