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Swiftcast is a role action and additional action from Final Fantasy XIV. It causes the next spell used by the player to be cast immediately.


PvE version
  • Grants Swiftcast Swiftcast to self for 10 seconds, causing the next non-instant spell to become instant
Affected spells
Black Mage Black Mage
Blizzard Blizzard
Blizzard II Blizzard II
Blizzard III Blizzard III
Blizzard IV Blizzard IV
Despair Despair
Fire Fire
Fire II Fire II
Fire III Fire III
Fire IV Fire IV
Flare Flare
Foul Foul
Freeze Freeze
Sleep Sleep
Thunder Thunder
Thunder II Thunder II
Thunder III Thunder III
Thunder IV Thunder IV
Summoner Summoner
Miasma Miasma
Miasma III Miasma III
Outburst Outburst
Physick Physick
Resurrection Resurrection
Ruin Ruin
Ruin III Ruin III
Red Mage Red Mage
Jolt Jolt
Jolt II Jolt II
Impact Impact
Scatter Scatter
Veraero Veraero
Veraero II Veraero II
Vercure Vercure
Verfire Verfire
Verraise Verraise
Verstone Verstone
Verthunder Verthunder
Verthunder II Verthunder II
Blue Mage Blue Mage
1000 Needles 1000 Needles
4-tonze Weight 4-tonze Weight
Abyssal Transfixion Abyssal Transfixion
Acorn Bomb Acorn Bomb
Aetherial Mimicry Aetherial Mimicry
Aetherial Spark Aetherial Spark
Alpine Draft Alpine Draft
Angel Whisper Angel Whisper
Angel's Snack Angel's Snack
Aqua Breath Aqua Breath
Avail Avail
Bad Breath Bad Breath
Basic Instinct Basic Instinct
Black Knight's Tour Black Knight's Tour
Blaze Blaze
Blood Drain Blood Drain
Bomb Toss Bomb Toss
Bristle Bristle
Cactguard Cactguard
Chelonian Gate Chelonian Gate
Chirp Chirp
Choco Meteor Choco Meteor
Cold Fog Cold Fog
Condensed Libra Condensed Libra
Devour Devour
Diamondback Diamondback
Doom Doom
Dragon Force Dragon Force
Drill Cannons Drill Cannons
Electrogenesis Electrogenesis
Eerie Soundwave Eerie Soundwave
Exuviation Exuviation
Faze Faze
Feculent Flood Feculent Flood
Final Sting Final Sting
Fire Angon Fire Angon
Flame Thrower Flame Thrower
Flying Frenzy Flying Frenzy
Frog Legs Frog Legs
Glower Glower
Gobskin Gobskin
High Voltage High Voltage
Hydro Pull Hydro Pull
Ice Spikes Ice Spikes
Ink Jet Ink Jet
Kaltstrahl Kaltstrahl
Launcher Launcher
Level 5 Death Level 5 Death
Level 5 Petrify Level 5 Petrify
Loom Loom
Magic Hammer Magic Hammer
Malediction of Water Malediction of Water
Matra Magic Matra Magic
Mighty Guard Mighty Guard
Mind Blast Mind Blast
Missile Missile
Moon Flute Moon Flute
Mustard Bomb Mustard Bomb
Northerlies Northerlies
Off-guard Off-guard
Peculiar Light Peculiar Light
Peripheral Synthesis Peripheral Synthesis
Perpetual Ray Perpetual Ray
Plaincracker Plaincracker
Pom Cure Pom Cure
Protean Wave Protean Wave
Reflux Reflux
Revenge Blast Revenge Blast
Saintly Beam Saintly Beam
Self-destruct Self-destruct
Sharpened Knife Sharpened Knife
Snort Snort
Song of Torment Song of Torment
Sonic Boom Sonic Boom
Sticky Tongue Sticky Tongue
Stotram Stotram
Tail Screw Tail Screw
Tatami-gaeshi Tatami-gaeshi
The Dragon's Voice The Dragon's Voice
The Look The Look
The Ram's Voice The Ram's Voice
The Rose of Destruction The Rose of Destruction
Tingle Tingle
Toad Oil Toad Oil
Transfusion Transfusion
Triple Trident Triple Trident
Ultravibration Ultravibration
Water Cannon Water Cannon
Whistle Whistle
White Knight's Tour White Knight's Tour
White Wind White Wind
PvP version
  • Grants Swiftcast Swiftcast to self for 6 seconds, causing the next non-instant spell to become instant
  • Players can only equip a maximum of 2 additional actions at any time
Affected spells
Black Mage Black Mage
Blizzard IV Blizzard IV
Fire IV Fire IV
Flare Flare
Freeze Freeze
Summoner Summoner
Outburst Outburst
Ruin III Ruin III
Red Mage Red Mage
Scatter Scatter
Vercure Vercure
Verfire Verfire
Verstone Verstone


Swiftcast reduces the cast time of the next spell used to instant. Spells that are already instant cast will not consume Swiftcast. It only affects actions specifically categorized as spells, and will not work with Limit Break Limit Breaks. Swiftcast is itself an instant cast off-global cooldown (oGCD) ability. This allows players to weave it between global cooldowns (GCD) after using instant cast weaponskills or spells.

Swiftcast is best used with spells with cast times longer than the 2.5s GCD. For most disciplines, the only spells that fall into this category are revive spells. As being able to provide an instant revive is an important support option, said disciplines will typically save Swiftcast for these spells. Red Mage Red Mages are particularly well known for their ability to instantly revive two party members back to back by combining Swiftcast with their Dualcast Dualcast trait.

Swiftcast can also be used for DPS purposes. This is particularly true for Black Mage Black Mages, the only job without access to a revive spell and thus no need to hold Swiftcast in reserve. Black, Red, and Blue Mage Blue Mages are the only disciplines with damaging abilities that have a cast time longer than the GCD, and will get the most use out of using Swiftcast for this purpose.

If using Swiftcast on a spell with a GCD cast time, it is important to weave Swiftcast after an instant cast spell, as otherwise Swiftcast's animation will delay the next spell, pushing back the GCD and significantly limiting Swiftcast's effectiveness.

Swiftcast spells will still activate the GCD, providing an opportunity to weave other oGCD abilities between spell casts. Using Swiftcast on a spell with a GCD cast time without weaving another oGCD ability during the next GCD will have no significant effect to overall damage or healing.


Swiftcast is available only to ranged magic DPS in PvP. With PvP's greater emphasis on mobility and shorter cast times, Swiftcast is primarily used to improve mobility, allowing players to cast their stronger spells whilst on the move. To this end it has a much shorter recast time allowing players to use it fairly frequently.

Players can only set two additional actions at any given time, so they must choose actions which complement their combat strategy. Swiftcast must compete with Drain Drain, Addle Addle, Aetheric Burst Aetheric Burst, and Manaward Manaward for an available slot. Swiftcast is the only mobility-focused additional action available.

Patch history[]

Version Changes
A Realm Reborn Added as a Thaumaturge Thaumaturge and Black Mage Black Mage class action learned at level 26.
Was available as an additional action to Arcanist Arcanists, Archer Archers, Conjurer Conjurers, Gladiator Gladiators, Lancer Lancers, Marauder Marauders, Pugilist Pugilists, Scholar Scholars, Summoner Summoners, and White Mage White Mages.
Patch 2.4 Added as an additional action to Rogue Rogues.
Potency of attack magic cast under the effect of Swiftcast now halved in PvP content.
Heavensward Added as an additional action to Astrologian Astrologians.
Stormblood No longer available as an additional action.
Now learned as a role action by all healer and magic ranged DPS disciplines.
Acquired level increased to 32.
No longer available in PvP. New PvP exclusive version added. See below for its patch history.
Shadowbringers Acquired level reduced to 18.
PvP version
Version Changes
Stormblood Added as a Black Mage job action with a 30s recast.
Shadowbringers Now an additional action available to all magic ranged DPS disciplines.
Patch 5.3 Recast time reduced to 15s.