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Swethyna Brookstone is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is the captain of the Wood Wailers and sister to Grand Serpent Marshal Swethryk Brookstone of the Order of the Twin Adder. Although she has not appeared in-game since the original release, she still holds her position in the Wood Wailers per the Encyclopædia Eorzea.


Swethyna in-game.

Swethyna assumed command of the Wood Wailers at a young age after wounds forced her brother from the position. Swethyna and O-App-Pesi are close friends, and have entered battle together on more than one occasion.[1]

When the adventurer is attacked by a Treant and saved by E-Sumi-Yan, Swethyna is seen alongside him and other members of the Wood Wailers. Once the adventurer arrives in Gridania,[2] he sees Swethyna through echo visions, in the vision Swethyna receives Yda and Papalymo who have just arrived in the city-state and accompanies them to Stillglade Fane so that they can purify their woodin before entering again in the wood. In another view, Swethyna is seen again when several wounded spearmen are suddenly loaded onto the guild. Most cannot say what attacked them, although they speak of some kind of shadow in the forest and one of them claims to have seen a man named Dunstan in the forest.[3]



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Swethyna is ever training, seeking to surpass her own best efforts. Men under her command without the same tenacious disposition, however, may find her methods tiring or even frustrating. Nevertheless, there can be no doubt that Swethyna is a leader of superior talent, and has gained much respect as a result.[1]


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