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Sweet Scent of Poison, also printed as Sweet Scent of Doom in-game, was an event in King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-.

Scenario[edit | edit source]

Frecia, a flower seller, hears rumors of a dangerous forest; those who have entered have not returned or are afflicted with a sleeping sickness. Witnesses report that there are giant flowers abloom. Frecia goes adventuring in spite of it all, and finds an elven girl under attack from Fiends in the area.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Being set in a poisonous forest of darkness, many quests are littered with HP-zapping shadow tiles that cannot be avoided. Giant mushrooms scattered about each area may contain item chests with Mandrake fragments, which will be needed to level up Frecia and her weapon, the Seismic Staff.

As the first event since the addition of the auto-battle feature, the player should be careful to disable it during short quests; some items may not appear unless specific targets are destroyed.

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