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Swd Art is Steiner's skillset from Final Fantasy IX. Many art names derive from various job class abilities from previous games, and largely encompass abilities from Samurai, Paladin (or Knight), and Dark Knight. Steiner's Break moves are reminiscent of the Knights' Rend abilities from Final Fantasy Tactics, and he can even use one of Cloud's Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII as a normal command. Some of Steiner's Sword Arts also appear in Beatrix's Seiken command.

Sword Arts have various effects, but all ignore Steiner's row position.

Steiner's other skillset is Swd Mag, usable when he is in the party with Vivi.


Name Effect Learned From AP MP
Darkside Sacrifices 12.5% of max HP to deal Shadow-elemental damage that is 40% stronger than a regular attack to one enemy. Ignores Protect and Mini statuses. Empowered with Demon's Mail and Gold Choker. Blood Sword 30 0
Reduces your HP to cause Shadow damage to the enemy.
Minus Strike Fixed damage to one enemy equal to difference between Steiner's current and max HP. Iron Sword, Rubber Helm, Excalibur II 35 8
Damages with the difference between your max HP and current HP.
Iai Strike Instantly kills an enemy with a 30% base accuracy. Rune Blade (Missable; only sold in Daguerreo before entering the Shimmering Island) 40 16
Knocks Out the target.
Power Break Reduces enemy's Strength by 25%, with a 50% base accuracy. Diamond Sword 40 8
Reduces the enemy's Attack Pwr.
Armor Break Halves enemy's physical Defense, with a 50% base accuracy. Mythril Sword 30 4
Reduces the enemy's Defense.
Mental Break Halves enemy's Magic Defense, with a 50% base accuracy Ice Brand, Gold Helm 45 8
Reduces the enemy's Magic Def.
Magic Break Reduces enemy's Magic Power by 25%, with a 50% base accuracy Flame Saber 25 4
Reduces the enemy's Magic.
Charge! Causes all allies in Near Death status to attack an enemy. Coral Sword, Aegis Gloves 30 10
Makes all Near Death party members 'Attack'.
Thunder Slash Deals Thunder-elemental fractional damage equal to 19% of the target's Max HP. Almost always misses due to the Thunder Slash glitch. Empowered with Thunder Gloves. Defender, Ragnarok 30 24
Causes Thunder damage to the enemy.
Stock Break Attack all enemies, doing 1.5x normal damage. Takes on the element of weapon (bonus is not increased when wearing Elem-Atk raising items). Ultima Sword, Excalibur II 35 26
Causes Non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Climhazzard Non-elemental magic damage at twice normal damage to all enemies. Excalibur, Excalibur II 70 32
Causes Non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Shock Three times normal damage to one enemy. Takes on element of weapon (bonus is not increased when wearing Elem-Atk raising items). Ragnarok 60 46
Deals physical damage to the enemy.

Other appearances[]

Steiner uses is Sword Arts in his spin-off appearances. In Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Steiner's attacks are split with half being based on his Sword Arts, while the other half are based on his Sword Magic. Power Break is Steiner's base ability, inflicting damage while causing a 70% Attack Down on the enemies. Stock Break is his EX ability, which grants a special effect called "Captain of the Knights of Pluto", increasing his own Attack and the entire party's Max Brave cap.

Steiner also uses his Swords Arts in Pictlogica Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.