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Suzie Yeung is an American actress and voice actor who voiced Yuffie Kisaragi in the English version of the Final Fantasy VII remake project, beginning with Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Outside of the Final Fantasy series, Yeung is best known for her role in Genshin Impact and Persona 3 Reload.




Suzie Yeung grow up enjoying cartoons and video games, and became interested in voice acting after being captivated by voice actor's ability to change their voices to suit new roles. She pursued the career professionally as an adult,[2] with roles in a number of anime and video games.

Yeung was a fan of Final Fantasy X, her first Final Fantasy. Though she did not play the original Final Fantasy VII, she learned of Yuffie through then playing Kingdom Hearts and watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. She became invested in the series after playing Final Fantasy VII Remake with her roommates.[1][2][3]

Final Fantasy series[]

Yuffie is… a big ball of energy. She acts confident, but sometimes she's a little unsure of herself, so she puts on a brave face. But she also has no limitations - whether we’re talking about her abilities or her personality. She’s a great foil to a lot of the more serious characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake, but she’s also sensitive in a way we’ve never been able to see before in the series. So, yeah - I think she’s extremely multi-dimensional.

Suzie Yeung, Square Enix interview[1]

Suzie knew she was auditioning for Yuffie as she had the name and image. Though she had little preparation, she was able to follow her instinct, having seen Yuffie in other media and seen Final Fantasy VII Remake, to audition for how Yuffie would fit into the Final Fantasy VII Remake world. Her main challenge was to portray a very animated character in a more grounded world.[3]

When cast, Yeung knew the basics of Yuffie's character, but wanted to bring a new take to the table without outside influence.[1] The voice director, Kirk Thornton eventually helped her find this balance between a grounded performance that still felt true to Yuffie, trying to avoid "super anime reads" so as to be in line with Remake.[3] Yeung's favorite scene to record was one where she had to tell Sonon Kusakabe to calm down, enjoying it as it was the first time audiences saw Yuffie be sure of herself, and become an adult in a situation where she normally was not.[4]

After Intergrade released, Yeung was able to interact with fans on Twitch while playing the game, an experience she treasured.[5] She was grateful to receive positive reactions from her performance.[4]

While recording for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Yeung kept the same core character for Yuffie, but with an added weight carried since the events of "Episode INTERmission". In one scene when portraying motion sickness, Yeung was asked to "really go for it" and attempt to mimic vomiting, but her attempt was so good that she was asked to tone it down. Yeung's favorite scenes to record where when Yuffie was singing; she had to memorize the tune and read the lyrics, which she found challenging as she did not have a background as a singer.[4]


Yuffie Kisaragi from FFVII Remake bust render

Yuffie Kisaragi, Suzie Yeung's first role in the series.

Bringing her own portrayal to Yuffie, Suzie Yeung's biggest challenge was finding a balance between an animated Yuffie, and one who was still grounded.[4][3] Contrasted to the other party members, who are relatively serious in comparison, Yuffie's reactions are "big",[4] which meant at times needing to re-record lines to be somewhat toned down.[3]

Yeung had to portray a more emotionally developed Yuffie than seen in previous iterations.[1][4] Noting that she was presented mostly as just a "really bratty, sassy character" in the original, Yeung was pleasantly surprised to see the depth she was able to portray in the Final Fantasy VII remake project. Describing it, Yeung said "At the end of the day, she is a kid. Although she has really lofty opinions of herself, she can still be a little insecure sometimes." Overall, Yeung enjoyed that Yuffie was sarcastic and witty in her interactions with other characters, but can be mature when the situation called for it.[4]

Yeung was happy that Square Enix went out of their way to cast authentically Asian actors to portray the Wutaians, believing it important to make the experience authentic.[5][2]

Final Fantasy roles[]

Title Release Character
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade 2021 Yuffie Kisaragi
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth 2024 Yuffie Kisaragi


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