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Suteki da ne (素敵だね, Isn't it Wonderful?) is a single of the theme to Final Fantasy X, sung by RIKKI and composed by Nobuo Uematsu. The second track is from one of her albums, and the third track is a vocalized version of "Aerith's Theme" from Final Fantasy VII, called "Pure Heart".

"Aerith's Theme" was voted in by fans to be arranged and included to the single's B-side, and the lyrics are written by Emiko Shiratori, who sang the theme song for Final Fantasy IX. Uematsu had been aware of "Aerith's Theme's" popularity among fans, so he was not surprised by their choice. However, in his opinion compositions other than "Aerith's Theme" would have been easier to make into a song.[1]

Track listEdit

  1. "Suteki da ne" (Isn't it Wonderful?)
  2. "The Moon ~Utikisama~"
  3. "Pure Heart" ("Aerith's Theme")
  4. "Suteki da ne" (Instrumental Version)

Sheet musicEdit

Ff10single sheet music

Book cover.

The single has a sheet music book published by DOREMI Music Publishing containing solo piano sheet music for the songs on the single, including "Pure Heart".

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