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Tidus & Yuna-1
"Suteki da ne" from Final Fantasy X
FFX Suteki da ne
Every time I finish recording a theme song, I first have my wife listen to it. She gave high marks to all the previous songs, but she didn't really care for 'Suteki da ne.' I lost a little confidence then; but once the song was released, it made the top ten on the Japanese charts, so I'm relieved.
—Nobuo Uematsu

"Suteki da ne" (素敵だね, Suteki da ne?, lit. Isn't It Wonderful?) is a song used as the romantic theme in Final Fantasy X. It was written by Nobuo Uematsu and Kazushige Nojima, and was sung by RIKKI.

Lee Soo Young sung the Korean version of the song, titled "얼마나 좋을까" (Eolmana joh-eulkka, lit. "Wouldn't It Be Wonderful?"). It appears in the Korean version of Final Fantasy X International. The Spanish group Charm made a Spanish version of the song called "No Sería Mejor?" ("Wouldn't It Be Best?").

A music video of the song is included in the "Beyond Final Fantasy" feature included with the International and PAL versions of Final Fantasy X.

Development Edit

Uematsu initially had difficulty composing the theme song for Final Fantasy X, even after having found the perfect singer. In the "Beyond Final Fantasy" feature, Uematsu explains the way he went about composing "Suteki da ne".

Regarding the theme song, my first concern was to find someone to sing it. The Asian-inspired theme had nothing to do with the choice, but since I was personally interested in Okinawan music my staff and I looked at various CDs of that particular region. That's when one staff member found some CDs by Rikki. I had never heard a voice quite like hers and I contacted her immediately. After that, I had the chance to visit her hometown of Amami Ooshima and meet her several times. I had a certain image for the song in mind, but it was difficult to complete. The deadline was fast approaching so I tried changing my work environment to finish the song. I took the synthesizer from my office and brought it into the reception room. After the girls at the front desk left for the day I sat there alone through the night composing my songs. After this switch I was able to compose nearly ten songs in an hour. Any of them could have been used but I took the one I considered best for the theme. I completed the melody first so I had Nojima write the lyrics afterwards. We both celebrated the night it was completed.
—Nobuo Uematsu

Lyrics Edit

Japanese Edit

風が 寄せた 言葉に
泳いだ 心
雲が 運ぶ 明日に
弾んだ 声
月が 揺れる 鏡に
震えた 心
星が 流れ こぼれた
柔らかい 涙
二人手をとり 歩けたなら
君の街 家 腕の中
風は 止まり 言葉は
雲は 破れ 明日は
遠くの 声
月が にじむ 鏡を
流れた 心
星が 揺れて こぼれた
隠せない 涙
二人手をとり 歩けたなら
君の街 家 腕の中

Japanese rōmaji Edit

Kaze ga yoseta kotoba ni
Oyoida kokoro
Kumo ga hakobu ashita ni
Hazun da koe
Tsuki ga yureru kagami ni
Furueta kokoro
Hoshi ga nagare koboreta
Yawarakai namida
Suteki da ne
Futari te wo tori aruketa nara
Ikitai yo
Kimi no machi ie ude no naka
Sono mune
Karada azuke
Yoi ni magire
Kaze wa tomari kotoba wa
Yasashii maboroshi
Kumo wa yabure ashita wa
Tooku no koe
Tsuki ga nijimu kagami wo
Nagareta kokoro
Hoshi ga yurete koboreta
Kakusenai namida
Suteki da ne
Futari te wo tori aruketa nara
Ikitai yo
Kimi no machi ie ude no naka
Sono kao
Sotto furete
Asa ni tokeru

English translation Edit

In words brought by the wind,
my heart was swimming
Tomorrow carried by the clouds,
bound with my voice
The moon in an unsteady mirror,
my heart was trembling
Spilled by the stars,
my soft tears
Isn't it wonderful?
If we could walk together
I'd want to go
to your city, your home, and your arms
That chest
Hold my body
Fading in the evening
Is it a dream?
Words stopped by the wind are
a gentle illusion
Tomorrows torn by the clouds are
a distant voice
In the moon blurred by mirror,
my heart was fading
The trembling and spilling stars
cannot hide my tears
Isn't it wonderful?
If we could walk together
I'd want to go
to your city, your home, and your arms
That face,
I touch it softly
Fading in the morning
Is it a dream?

Game appearances Edit

Final Fantasy X Edit

"A Fleeting Dream"
FFX - A Fleeting Dream

"Suteki da ne" plays during the romantic scene between Tidus and Yuna at the Macalania Spring after their escape from Bevelle. Its arrangements are "Daughter of a Grand Summoner" which plays during Yuna's introduction, "Yuna's Theme" which plays during scenes involving Yuna, "Game Over" which plays when the party is KO'd, "Spira Unplugged," which plays as a town theme in Besaid Village and Kilika Port, and "A Fleeting Dream" which plays on the Zanarkand Ruins road.

The orchestral version of the song plays during the ending credits.

Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm Edit

Both "Yuna's Theme" and "A Fleeting Dream" play in their original versions (including in the remaster) during scenes in Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

"A Fleeting Dream" is included in the music player as the third track of Memories of FFX album bought from the Wiz Chocobo Post for 100 gil.

The Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy arrangement of "Yuna's Theme" is available on the Memories of Dissidia 012 FF album purchasable from Old Lestallum for 500 gil.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Edit

"A Fleeting Dream" is a bonus battle track purchasable in the PP Catalog and it also appears as the name of Tidus's second alternate outfit name.

An arrangement of "Yuna's Theme" serves as the world map theme for Yuna in her chapter in the Treachery of the Gods scenario.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Edit

"Suteki da ne" appears as a Event Music Sequence. It was released as a sample demo before the game's full release.[1] "A Fleeting Dream" appears as a downloadable Field Music Sequence track, depicting the ruins of Zanarkand in the background.

The theme appears on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Compilation Album, named "Isn't It Beautiful?".

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Edit

"Suteki da ne" is a Field Music Sequence track. "A Fleeting Dream" is available in the base game. "Spira Unplugged" is introduced in as a Field Music Sequence.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star CarnivalEdit

"A Fleeting Dream" appears as a playable Field Music Sequence. It is available by default.

Beginner Basic Expert Ultimate Transcendent
N/A 2 4 7 N/A

Arrangement album appearances Edit

Distant Worlds II: More Music from Final Fantasy Edit

"Suteki Da Ne" from Distant Worlds II: More Music from Final Fantasy
Distant Worlds II - Suteki Da Ne

The song was included within the repertoire of the Distant Worlds II: Music from Final Fantasy series of concerts. The song was performed in English by Susan Calloway on the live recording of the album.

Lyrics Edit

Wind, and my heart swimming in collected words
Moved by the wind, in through the world.
Clouds, like a voice that we all recognize
Carry the holding future.
Moon, on the sky as a trembling heart
Shown on the glass unsteadily.
Stars, shedding tears in an overflowing stream
I see the night all around me.
Suteki da ne
Being together, all alone walking hand in hand.
And I want to go to your city
To your home, into your arms.
That soul
Inside your body
From those conflicted nights
As from my dreams.
Wind died away, and I feel all the words
Led by a gentle illusion.
Clouds are the future that cannot be attained
Told from impossible distance.
The moon filled with night as it flowed through your heart
Such faraway reflections.
Stars, ripe like tears, like fruit falls from a tree
I wipe my dreams off the nighttime.
Suteki da ne
Being together, all alone walking hand in hand.
And I want to go to your city
To your home, into your arms.
To feel your face
The touch of memory
And now that I awake
As from a dream.

20020220 music from Final Fantasy Edit

The song, performed live by RIKKI and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, is included on the album.

More Friends - Music from Final Fantasy Edit

The song, performed live by RIKKI and The World Festival Symphony Orchestra, is included on the album.

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy X Edit

A piano arranged version of the theme is found on this album arranged by Masashi Hamauzu and performed by Aki Kuroda.

Guitar Solo Final Fantasy Official Best Collection Edit

A solo classical guitar arrangement of "Suteki da ne" was performed by Yuji Sekiguchi for this album.

Final Fantasy Orchestra Album Edit

"Suteki Da Ne" appears on this album released to commemorate the Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary.

Cafe SQ Edit

"Cafe SQ: FINAL FANTASY X "Suteki da ne" / SmileR feat. Miina (Sayonara Ponytail)" is a track on this arrangement album with music arranged to sound like music that would play in a cafe.

Non-Square Enix appearances Edit

Kadachō Kanaria Edit

"Suteki Da Ne ~Autumn Version~" (素敵だね~秋ヴァージョン~, Suteki da ne ~Aki Vājon~?), is one of the tracks included in RIKKI's solo album. This version never been released in any of Final Fantasy album.


A rearranged version of "Suteki da ne" appears as the fourth track in this album.[2]

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