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RANGERS use the traps in this extensive arsenal to bring down their mark.


Survivalism is the skillset for the Ranger class from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

List of abilities[]

Skill Equipment Range AP
Sten Needle Zwillblade 2 150
Set a trap that fires a burst of needles. Deals damage to the unit that springs it.
Silence Gas Kard 2 200
Set a trap that releases a choking gas. SILENCES the unit that springs it.
Leech Rondel 2 250
Set a trap filled with leeches. The leeches feed on the MP of the unit that springs it.
Love Potion Tonberrian 2 300
Set a trap laced with a potent love potion. CHARMS the unit that springs it.
Mirror Items Nail Bow Item range 300
Use items to deliver the opposite of their usual effects.
Camouflage Khukuri Self 300
Disguise the unit to blend in to the surrounding terrain. INVISIBLE units cannot be the target of enemy attacks.
Awareness Target Bow All units 300
Reveals the location of traps and invisible units.
Life Bond Thorn Bow 4 250
Share the user's HP with the target. Restores the target's HP, but damages the user.