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The Survival Event was a type of Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Players were given a single Dungeon in which to play, as well as a choice of difficulty levels to play it through. Once a difficulty level was chosen, the player had to work through the Dungeon's battles to collect Memory Prisms that, in turn, allowed the player to progress up a Rewards "ladder". All collections were cumulative, meaning that the player's Memory Prism collections simply added to the player's prior count.


The player began battle with a group of enemies at the selected difficulty to determine the base amount of Prisms collected. Then, as the player progressed through each round of battle, the game randomly determined the next enemy and assigned a Memory Multiplier for each battle, meaning that the player's current Prism count would be multiplied by the factor stated as the Memory Multiplier. The player could retreat at any time before completion and keep his accumulated Prisms, but would have to start the Dungeon anew at the first battle. All battles were to be played sequentially, and there was no option to go back to a prior battle. Thus, completing the Dungeon afforded the player the best chance at collecting the most Prisms in one sitting. In addition, one-time Rewards were collected on each difficulty level, as with a regular Dungeon.

The number of battles and the Stamina required for each were determined by the difficulty level chosen. However, this amount was constant within the Dungeon for the selected difficulty.



FF XIII dungeon The Pulse fal'Cie

Player selects Normal difficulty (5 rounds at 5 SP each)
Difficulty value=20

  • Battle 1: Group of PSICOM Troopers
    • MM=1.2
    • Player completes battle, receives 24 Prisms (Base value=Difficulty value x Initial Memory Multiplier)
  • Battle 2: Group of Ghosts
    • MM=1.6
    • Player completes battle, collects 14 more Prisms (total 38)
  • Battle 3: Manasvin Warmech
    • MM=2.0
    • Player completes battle, collects 38 more Prisms (total 76)
  • Battle 4: Beta Behemoth
    • MM=2.5
    • Player completes battle, collects 114 more Prisms (total 190)
  • Battle 5: Pulse fal'Cie Anima
    • MM=3.0
    • Player completes battle, collects 380 more Prisms (total 570)

Rewards ladder[]

Player has 570 Memory Prisms.

  • Reward 1: Mythril (50 Prisms) – Player collects.
  • Reward 2: Mythril (200 Prisms) – Player collects.
  • Reward 3: Power Wrist (VII) (300 Prisms) – Player collects.
  • Reward 4: Rune Staff (IV) (400 Prisms) – Player collects.
  • Reward 5: Mythril (500 Prisms) - Player collects
  • Reward 6: Mythril (750 Prisms) – Remaining 70 Prisms applied toward this Reward; 180 remain to collect.

List of Survival Events[]

Event Realm Notes Region Duration
Japan Global
Magitek Facility Infiltration
FFRK Magitek Facility Infiltration Event.png
VI The only recruitable character of this event was Celes. November 11 – 19, 2014 May 3 – 13, 2015
The Pulse Fal'Cie
FFRK The Pulse FalCie Event.png
XIII The only recruitable character of this event was Vanille. December 9 – 16, 2014 May 26 - June 5, 2015