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Suriander is a beast/toad-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII, located in the Barheim Passage. The player faces the low level version when passing through as part of the story, and can face the higher level version later after acquiring the Barheim Key from the patient in the desert quest.

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Being a carnivorous beast commonly dwelling near shallow bodies of water. Though their feet lack the webbing of other aquatic creatures, the fins on their tails can be threshed in a sideways manner propelling them with a frightening celerity. Their horns being used to contest dominance over females, and determining standing in the herd by virtue of length. Such with smaller horns learn swiftly to keep out of harm's way. While they are normally quite docile, during the mating season they can be easily agitated, and attack asudden with a great whooping cry.

Page 2: Sage Knowledge 44 of 78Edit


A: Lv. 8-9

B: Lv. 38-39

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