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Yoshinori Kitase and Hajime Tabata as support personnel.

Remember cadet: you aren't fighting this war alone. Don't be afraid to call for backup if you find yourself in a pinch.

Dominion Quaestor

Support Personnel (魔導院の支援, Madōin no Shien?, lit. Akademeia Support) is a system in Final Fantasy Type-0. It works much like multiplayer in that it provides the player with temporary allies, but instead of other players joining in, support personnel are AI-controlled allies. Excluding the three rare unique support personnel, they are named after Square Enix staff members and other people who helped make the game.


At the start of a mission, the player is given an option to accept support. Support personnel will randomly enter the player's party, replacing any non-leader party member. They will persist for a time, fighting alongside the player and accumulating SPP. At certain SPP thresholds, their time will be extended (this does not apply to the three unique characters). They can be dismissed within a mission by having backup on "Refuse" within the preferences menu, which would stop other support personnel from entering until backup is accepted again by the player. Leaving or dismissed support personnel store their SPP earned (HD version only); they can appear again with the same codename in the same mission. If a support personnel dies, they will lose all the SPP they had accumulated—this can cause the player to earn zero SPP if the support personnel dies right before the mission ends. They are AI-controlled and behave slightly less actively than the AI-controlled party.

In the original PSP version, the SPP collected by Support personnel is not stored, and is only used to extend the guest's duration. In the HD version, due to the removal of multiplayer, support personnel will store any SPP they obtain during the mission.


One way to amass SPP is to select only one person to be in the party, perhaps Rem because she can easily regenerate lost ability gauge and MP, preferably with the Avoid magic equipped to minimize damage taken. The next step is to find an area that has an infinite enemy spawn rate, such as the sewer areas in Operation MA Demolition, or the West Stairs in Operation Breakthrough from the second playthrough onwards. Once one obtains the SP Spell Boost II, it becomes easier to gain SPP, as it casts Aura and Protect on everyone, including support personnel, which augments their somewhat meager damage output as well as preventing knockdown. The SP Helm obtained from amassing 70,000 SPP provides Freecast allowing more freedom of choice in party leader.

As the party leader, the player's responsibilities are providing aid to the support, healing them when necessary and refreshing Boost, as well as harvesting phantoma from fallen foes. The West Stairs area has a maximum number of enemies, alive and dead of six, so when there are six corpses, no more enemies will spawn, so frequent harvesting is necessary to maintain a good enemy presence—with Boost support personnel should be making light work of most enemies. This method can be set up to gain SPP overnight, but without the player present, SPP is not as quickly garnered due to breaks in combat and no Boost refresh.

List of Support Personnel[]

With the exception of Kurasame, Tonberry, and Joker, who are original characters, Support Personnel are named after production staff for Final Fantasy Type-0 and assume the likeness of the playable characters. Moglin introduces the characters with their levels according to the mission and difficulty, as well as their code names that describe their relation to the game.

Support Personnel Character Code Name Equipment Abilities
Kurasame[note 1] Kurasame Ice Reaper Boreal Blade, Glacies Tertia, Vol. I, Mythril Ring Absolute Zero, Blizzaga MIS-II, Curaga
Tonberry Tonberry Reaper's Right Hand Kitchen Knife, Safety Bit, Angel Earrings Death Grudge, Thundaga SHG-II, Curaga
???[note 2] Joker (Akademeia Soldier) ??? Unknown, SP Armlet, Camouflage Cloak Aloud, Firaga MIS-II, Curaga
Yuki Kaji Ace Ace's Japanese VA Level-based
Kana Hanazawa Deuce Deuce's Japanese VA Level-based
Minori Chihara Cater Cater's Japanese VA Level-based
Kenichi Suzumura Jack Jack's Japanese VA Level-based
Ami Koshimizu Queen Queen's Japanese VA Level-based
Tomokazu Sugita King King's Japanese VA Level-based
Hiroshi Kamiya Machina Machina's Japanese VA Level-based
Ryoko Shiraishi Rem Rem's Japanese VA Level-based
Motoo Fujiwara Nine Vocalist and Guitarist for Bump of Chicken Level-based
Hiroaki Masukawa Seven Guitarist for Bump of Chicken Level-based
Yoshifumi Naoi Cinque Bassist for Bump of Chicken Level-based
Hideo Masu Eight Drummer for Bump of Chicken Level-based
Yama-chan*(Yama-chan is the stage name of Ryota Yamasato, who is one half of the comedy duo Nankai Candies (南海キャンディーズ). He is a 'frequent video game spokesman.' He appeared as the final boss of the Social Theatrhythm game that was available online prior to the game's release.) Trey Nankai Candies Level-based
WADY Sice President Level-based
Hitomi Watanabe King Project Manager Level-based
Rina Okumoto Eight Battle Animator Level-based
Yoshiko Higohashi Queen Environment Artist Level-based
Hiroko Kawabe Seven QA Coordinator Level-based
Ryoto Shinzato Ace Rendering Environment ARtist Level-based
Shihori Tanzawa Trey Environment Artist Level-based
Akio Ohfuji Nine Senior Publicity Producer Level-based
Rei Motora Cinque Character Modeler Level-based
Akiko Yamaguchi Jack VFX Artist Level-based
Satoko Funakubo Cater Facial Animator Level-based
Haruka Suenaga Rem Facial Animator Level-based
Hidemi Mizoguchi Deuce Lighting & Compositing Artist Level-based
Atsuko Ishikura Sice Character Cutscene Planner Level-based
Rei Katou Rem Cutscene Animator Level-based
Yasuhiro Sato Nine Lead Level Designer Level-based
Hideki Imaizumi Trey Office Manager Level-based
Sara Okabe Queen Scenario Writer Level-based
Rie Honda Cinque Battle Animator Level-based
Marie Iwanaga Sice Character Texture Designer Level-based
Taketo Nozawa Jack Level-based
Tatsuo Heianzan Ace Lead Character Modeling Artist Level-based
Sayako Oozono Seven Level Designer Level-based
Taisuke Ooe Eight Lead Character Action Designer Level-based
Ichiro Hazama King Production Manager Level-based
Haruna Kato Deuce Character Texture Designer Level-based
Tadachika Iima Trey Lead VFX Artist Level-based
Tatsuya Nonaka Cater Project Manager Level-based
Aya Izumi Sice VFX Artist Level-based
Kumiko Kaji Nine Character Modeler Level-based
Kenichiro Yuji Machina Battle Director Level-based
Sayoko Hoshino Rem Lead Character Texture Artist Level-based
Noriko Inoue Cater Publicity Staff Level-based
Yumi Katsuyama Cinque Publicity Staff Level-based
Sayako Hirata Queen Lead Menu Artist Level-based
Tomomi Iwakura Seven Project Manager Level-based
Nobuyuki Ueda Ace Project Manager Level-based
Kakuko Obinata Deuce Publicity Producer Level-based
Masato Kogure Machina Publicity Staff Level-based
Hajime Tabata Nine Director Level-based
Yusuke Naora Jack Art Director Level-based
Yoshinori Kitase Machina Producer Level-based
Tetsuya Nomura King Creative Producer Level-based
Hashimoto Meijin Eight Executive Producer Boxing Gloves, Vitality Apparatus, Dominion Helmet Lightspeed Jab, Blizzara BOM-II, Curaga
Yosuke Matsuda Jack Head Honcho Level-based
  1. Will no longer appear after Chapter 6
  2. Required Tiz's Prayer item to appear.

Although several voice actors were represented by their Class Zero characters, only eight are included. The six who are not included are Yuichi Nakamura (Trey), Aki Toyosaki (Cinque), Miyuki Sawashiro (Sice), Mayuko Aoki (Seven), Miyu Irino (Eight), and Daisuke Ono (Nine).

SP Rank and Class[]

Gaining rank.

There are two categories to determine the title given to the player: the rank and the class. The rank depends on accumulated SPP and the class depends on certain criteria on how well the player is doing on missions. The player can lose class if they, for example, die too many times, and no longer qualify for the better class. There are eight classes, each one with a different magic associated with it. Each class has a different requirement, and they have a hierarchy, the player's class being the highest one they meet the requirements for. The requirements for the PSP version and HD version are different, because multiplayer was removed from the latter. The rank (Knight, Leader, etc) determines which SP armor the player can equip.

Rank SPP Reward
Knight 10,000 Can equip SP Armlets.
Leader 15,000 Can equip SP Chestplate.
Commander 20,000 Can equip SP Robes.
General 30,000 Can equip SP Shield.
Marshal 40,000 Can equip SP Cape.
King 60,000 Can equip SP Armor.
Emperor 80,000 Can equip SP Helm.
God 120,000 Can equip SP Crystal.

On obtaining 150,000 SPP, Ultima is unlocked as a permanent spell, and the player's rank will remain as "God", even if all SPP is spent. It may be possible to be demoted if SP class changes, however.

Class Requirements Reward
Guardian Low amounts of casualties in missions or trials. Reraise
Wise Obtain S-Rank from missions multiple times. Ultima II
Supreme Obtain A or B-Ranks from missions multiple times. Boost
Violent Trigger Break/Killsights consistently. Kill Fire
Squenix PSP: Upload data to Square Enix member site multiple times.
HD: Frequent Triad Maneuvers, Eidolon summonings, and/or use of the Vermilion Bird spell.
Flux Blizzard
Type-0 PSP: Allow intrusions in multiplayer.
HD: Allow Support Personnel for certain hours.
Hell Thunder
Healing Use Cure or Esuna-type spells in missions multiple times. Full Cure
Battle Complete Special Orders (S.O.) frequently, white or red in any mission. Full Magic

There is a priority list in place between the titles—if the player does not specifically act on the title conditions, they will most likely end up with Supreme or Guardian as their title. The title priority is as follows: Healing > Guardian > Wise > Supreme > Violent > Squenix > Battle > Type-0

Healing title has priority over all the titles and will override them if the conditions are met. This is unlikely however, as its prerequisites are unlikely to be met (repeated usage of Cure/Esuna) in a normal playthrough.

Type-0 has the lowest priority of all the titles; it is also the easiest to obtain and will only appear if all other title conditions are not met.

Moving away from Guardian title may be difficult unless there are active party member deaths in the missions undertaken. To change from this title, one can find a mission where it is easy to be killed (Operation M.A. Demolition's Marduk, or Capturing the Imperial Capital), enabling support personnel to come in and die repeatedly (casting Reraise II and letting them repeatedly revive will increase the casualty process and will count towards demoting from Guardian). Upon meeting a certain threshold of deaths versus total number of missions completed, the player's title will move down the list, opening opportunities to obtain the game's other unique spells.

Wise title can be acquired efficiently by repeating the mission "Capturing the Imperial Capital" on Cadet difficulty and beating Qator Bashtar in under 30 seconds, ensuring an S-rank in the fastest time possible.