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Support Materia field model in Final Fantasy VII.

Support Materia (支援, Shien?) is a type of Materia appearing in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Support Materia work in conjunction with other equipped Materia. Support Materia is represented by color blue.


Final Fantasy VII[]

Support Materia is used to supplement the many abilities. Due to a bug, when a Support Materia is paired with a Master Command Materia, the effect is applied to all commands the character can use, even the Attack and Item commands.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children[]

Kadaj holding a Materia.

Along with other sets of Materia, Support Materia was seen in a Materia box. Additionally, Kadaj was seen equipping a Support Materia by dissolving it into his wrist, similar to other Remnants of Sephiroth equipping Materia in this way.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Materia Effect
HP Absorb
Absorbs HP from enemies.
MP Absorb
Absorbs MP from enemies.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Support Materia come in two variants; they are based either on elements/statuses or on SP. They can be paired with Magic Materia or Command Materia.


Materia means "matter" or "substance" in Latin, Spanish, and Italian; it also means "subject" in Italian and Spanish, and is the ascendant of Portuguese "Matéria".