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Super Ribbon (スーパーリボン, Sūpā Ribon?) is a recurring accessory, being the upgrade of the Ribbon. It generally provides all the bonuses that the Ribbon provides, but also includes other side effects or bonuses that the Ribbon itself does not, usually in the form of protecting against Instant Death which the Ribbon generally does not do.


Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Super Ribbon protects from all statuses, including instant death. When used in Materia Fusion, one Super Ribbon will give Spirit +1. It is a reward for completing mission 9-6-2 or stolen from the Great Malboro.

A spiritual upgrade of the Super Ribbon, the Genji Shield protects against all statuses, while absorbing all elements and granting the player Auto-Barrier and Auto-MBarrier. To get it the player must encounter and appease the Magic Pot from the mission, 7-6-6: The Determined Recruiter.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

The Shmooth Shailing accessory gives Super Ribbon which guards against instant death as well as all other statuses, while also causing a permanent Slow effect on the user. It can be acquired by getting 150+ points during the Rehearshal's Shtarting? minigame on the Celsius (Chapter 4) or as a random prize for winning Youth League Tournament at the Fiend Arena.

Final Fantasy XI[]

The Super Ribbon is head slot equipment equippable at level 52 by all jobs. While providing no defense, it does add +5 to HP and MP, +1 to STR, DEX, VIT, AGI, INT, MND, and CHR, +1 to accuracy and ranged accuracy, +1 to attack and ranged attack, and +1 to evasion. Unlike in other games, it provides no status resistance. It can be won from certain level 50 capped battlefields accessed with a Comet Orb: "An Awful Autopsy", "Eye of the Tiger", and "The Final Bout".

Final Fantasy XIII[]

The Super Ribbon is an upgraded Ribbon obtained by using Dark Matter on a maximum level Ribbon. It grants 25% resistance to all statuses at its initial level, and 30% resistance when maxed.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Prevents Death and all status ailments.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Super Ribbon is a level 99 Ribbon that lowers HP by 307, raises Bravery by 370, and lowers the chance of breakable items breaking by 30%. Battling the Siegfried Friend Card the player can battlegen Kefka's Super Ribbon. It can be acquired from the shop for a Ribbon, Bahamut's Wing x5, and Transmogridust x99.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Super Ribbon is a level 100 Ribbon that provides -328 HP, +369 Bravery, and -30% Accessory Breakability, and can be obtained by trading 91,400 gil, Ribbon, Pink Tail x5, and Vision's Hopes x5.