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Sun, Sand, and Sea is a Global Exclusive Event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and serves as a Summer celebration.


Players navigate a small beach dungeon in order to collect treasure chests which include recipes for time limited equipment. The player is also required to obtain materials for this equipment through harvesting points, and defeating monsters. At the end of the dungeon is an Antlion monster the player needs to defeat to beat the dungeon.

The dungeon comes in a BGN, ADV and ELT difficulties, which feature mission rewards which change every day, as such the player needs to log in and beat the dungeon at least thrice per day (once per difficulty) in order to reap all the benefits.


The player earns equipment recipes by opening treasure chests, the equipment that can be crafted is as follows:

  • Sturdy Umbrella: Greatsword, Water elemental, ATK +98, Water Resistance +15%.
  • Beach Ball: Throwing Weapon, ATK+25, MAG+68, SPR+68
  • Splash of Life: Materia, HP/SPR +10%
  • G-0991E: Accessory, DEF+3, HP +10%, MP +10%, provides Reduced Encounter and Survival abilities.

Additionally, during the event's duration the player will be awarded Summer Stones which can be exchanged with King Mog for rewards. These stones are given to the player as daily login reward as well as through daily quests by beating the event's dungeon thrice per day.

Featured Units[]

The event introduces Summer variants of different units, all of whom are not time limited.

  • Aloha Lasswell: A 5★-7★ rarity unit, his roles are Physical Damage and Tank. He specializes in Water and Wind Damage and can chain or finish, he can also serve as a Tank. He works with the True Dual Wield build. His Trust Master Reward and Super Trust Master Reward are the Colorful Lei and Beach Umbrella, a high ATK accessory that boosts Dual Wield and a high ATK Katana respectively.
  • Seaside Nichol: A 5★-7★ rarity unit, his roles are Support and Magic Damage. He specializes in defensive buffs like damage mitigation, elemental resistance and even some healing, he can also use Water and Ice magic damage. His Trust Master Reward and Super Trust Master Reward are the Tropical Delight and Summer Trunks, a Rod and Clothes that both bestow high MAG and MP amongst other bonuses.
  • Summerside Luka: A 4★-6★ rarity unit, her roles are Healing and Magic Damage. She can use healing abilities along Water magic damage ones. She has the peculiar quirk that she can damage and heal at the same time in a single move and can dualcast her abilities. Her Trust Master Reward is the Chic Summer Hat, a Hat with high MAG and SPR.
  • Tide Rider Skaha: A 3★-5★ rarity unit, her roles are Support and Hybrid Damage. She focuses on dealing damage while at the same time quickly filling her Limit Burst gauge, which she can use to fill up other units' LB gauge. Her Trust Master Reward, the Summer's Sandals provide ATK and MAG boosts.