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Calls forth wondrous creatures from the ether.


Summoner is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the viera race. Summoners wield staves and are the paragon of MP with outstanding Magic growth compared to even most nu mou jobs.

A crowd-control favorite, the Summoner has a versatile action ability that allows them to aid comrades and foil adversaries, rendering them a valuable asset despite the greater-than-usual MP costs of the summoned monsters call for. The Summoner's damage area is unique as it consists of two tiles outward and one tile diagonally from the selected point on the battlefield, for a total of thirteen affected tiles.

The only notable summoner is Leanan, a famous inn songstress from Muscadet.



Possibly the most dangerous spellcaster in the game, Summoner is the bane of all physical units, boasting incredible magic power and high MP. Their summon spells do massive elemental damage and hit a larger area than most other kinds of magic. Kirin, Carbuncle, and Phoenix can support the whole team. If Summoners have learned Doublecast from the Red Mage class, they can be almost unbeatable, as they can use one spell to hurt enemies while using another to support their team, or go for a double summon to leave no one alive. With Half MP equipped, the expensive summon spells become manageable. However, since summons are so wide, it can be difficult to attack without hurting allies or supporting the enemy. Even with access to some powerful support, Summoners can struggle supporting themselves once surrounded by enemy units. Their physical stats are horrid, so ranged enemies, other than mages, pose a threat. Overall, Summoner is the best magical job available to the viera.

Against enemy Summoners, physical units are most likely doomed. Their high-powered summons can cut through even the toughest of bangaa in no time. Even with low HP, their decent resistance still makes them a chore to try and dispatch with mages. Due to possessing excellent team support and reviving, Summoners are a top threat to dispatch, but disabling their magic with Silence makes Summoners sitting ducks. The player should close the distance between not only the Summoner, but also their allies, as crowding the enemies can make enemy Summoners have a hard time deciding what to cast. Their physical stats are low, so the player should go for a swing whenever given the chance. Ranged units have the easiest time hitting Summoners no matter what kind of role they're playing.

As a crowd control class, it is important to remember the Summoner comes from the White Mage, Fencer and Elementalist. In the event a Summoner is backed into a wall, the status effects from the Elementalist and Fencer (when nursed to make a satisfactory Secondary) can make self-defense less of a long walk. Bearing an elemental shield (if not a robe) to eviscerate the crowd gathering around them, or absorbing whatever magic falls on deafening Resistance, the possibilities are endless if the Summoner keeps in touch with her roots. An Elementalistic or White Magical Summoner would make for the ultimate unique healer, able to heal one, a spread, or a full field of her friends. As many enemies as she can kill, the same number of allies can be kept alive. Her unique powers in healing can dry up enemy mages' MP as the nearest ally—or even she herself—comes in for the kill. The Summoner commands full control of the battlefield.


The Summoner is the best Magic-oriented job for the viera, having the highest MP, Magic Power and Resistance out of all viera job classes. Like most magic jobs this power comes at the cost of HP, Attack, Defense and Speed, all of which are low.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
5.6 D 6.2 A 6.5 D 6.4 D- 10.1 S 8.4 B 0.9 D-


Summon Magic[]

Summoner command. Summon creatures from the ether.

Skill Equipment AP MP Range Power
Unicorn Pure Staff 200 12 4 40
Summons Unicorn to heal HP and status ailments. Deals damage to zombies.
Element: Holy
Ifrit Guard Staff 200 18 4 40
Summons Ifrit to deal fire damage.

Element: Fire

Ramuh Judge Staff 200 18 4 40
Summons Ramuh to deal lightning damage.

Element: Lightning

Shiva Snake Staff 200 18 4 40
Summons Shiva to deal cold damage.

Element: Ice

Kirin Cure Staff 200 24 4
Summons Kirin to gradually heal HP.
Carbuncle Garnet Staff 300 12 4
Summons fairy Carbuncle to cast "Reflect."
Phoenix Nirvana Staff 300 24 4
Summon phoenix to revive KO's ally. Deals damage to zombies.
Element: Holy
Madeen Cheer Staff 300 36 4 52
Summons Madeen to deal holy damage.

Element: Holy


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Half MP Light Robe Cuts the amount of MP used for abilities by half. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Summon Combo Mythril Staff Ranged combo ability for summoners. 100


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Evocation is the act of calling upon or summoning a spirit, demon, god or other supernatural agent, in the Western mystery tradition. Comparable practices exist in many religions and magical traditions and may employ the use of mind-altering substances with and without uttered word formulas.