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Arcanist Artwork

The Arcanist is a Disciple of Magic in Final Fantasy XIV, set to be available upon the release of its reboot, A Realm Reborn.


Accompanied by a familiar in battle, adepts of the art of arcanum derive their might from symbols of power born of geometric techniques hailing from across the southern seas. Held within special grimoires, these symbols lend shape to the arcanist's aether, thereby allowing them to produce myriad powerful spells.

Using magicked gemstones upon which the selfsame symbols are graven, arcanists are also able to summon forth the ephemeral being Carbuncle to carry out their bidding.


Arcanist has been described as a class with powerful damage-over-time and debuffing abilities, similar to the old Thaumaturge skillset; it is possible it may also have some restorative or supportive abilities built in to the base class kit to better synergize with the Scholar job. Additionally, the currently previewed and data-mined information available suggests that Carbuncle has two different stances to choose from: Ruby Carbuncle, which focuses on spellcasting, and Diamond Carbuncle, which focuses on tanking and physical attacks. (A new blog postThe Carbuncle Cometh announced that there will be an Emerald Carbuncle (which looks like the past Diamond Carbuncle) and a Topaz Carbuncle. It did not announce a Ruby Carbuncle or any other gem types, and it did not say what role each Carbuncle plays.)

Arcanist Abilities

Ability Level MP Cost Type Usage Duration Combo
Ruin 1 Unknown Damage Arcanist Unknown None
Delivers magick damage at a potency of 100.
Bio 2 Unknown Damage Arcanist Unknown None
Delivers damage with a potency of 10.
Additional Effect: Lasts 30 seconds.
Ruby Carbuncle 4 Unknown Summon Arcanist Unknown None
Summons a Carbuncle Mage (offensive/heal).
Miasma 6 Unknown Damage Arcanist Unknown None
Deals damage over time with a potency of 5.
Additional Effect: Lasts 30 seconds. Inflicts 20% Heavy and reduces all heals on the target by 50%.
Sustain 10 15% of Max HP Heal Arcanist 15s None
Heals your pet over time. Potency 5.
Additional Effect: Cannot be used if user's health is below 15%.
Wither 12 Unknown Damage Arcanist Unknown None
Cone shaped magic towards enemy. Range of 120 degrees.
Diamond Carbuncle 15 Unknown Summon Arcanist Unknown None
Summons Carbuncle Guardian (Atk/Def).
Self Sacrifice 18 20% of Max HP Enhancing Arcanist 12s None
Increases magick potency.
Additional Effect: Cannot be used if user's health is below 20%.
Miasma II 22 Unknown Damage Arcanist Unknown None
Deals magick damage over time in Area of Effect. Potency 5.
Additional Effect: Duration of 30s. 20% Heavy along with 50% healing reduction on target.
Fog 26 Unknown Debuff Arcanist Unknown None
Decreases targets attacking distance by 10 yalms.
Barrier 30 Unknown Enhancing Arcanist 15m None
Raise physical defense by 10%
Bane 30 Unknown Debuff Arcanist Notes None
Scatters target's Damage Over Time status ailments to surroundings
Additional Effect: Duration based upon the remaining duration of those spread out. 15% chance to reset all DoTs.
Bio II 34 Unknown Damage Arcanist 12s None
Magick damage over time, potency of 20.
Additional Effect: Raises target's chance of taking critical damage by 3%.
Auto Immunity 38 20% of Max HP Enhancing Arcanist 12s None
Raise physical defense by 10%.
Addle 42 Unknown Debuff Arcanist Unknown None
Hits target with 10% slowcast.
Serpent Tongue 46 Unknown Enhancing Arcanist 15s None
Increase user's fastcast by 10%.
Additional Effect: Decrease user's magic range by 10 yalms.
Aura Burst 50 Unknown Damage Arcanist Unknown None
Deals magick damage to surrounding enemies.
Additional Effect: Knocks all enemies back by 10 yalms.



Soul Crystals


Male summoner artwork.

The beast tribes of Eorzea worship and summon forth beings known as primals, among which are Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan. Yet what is a god to one man is a demon to another, for the city-states of Eorzea see these beings as a grave threat to their collective survival.

In times immemorial, there lived mages who had not only the power to summon the primals, but also the means to transmute the primals' essences, thus binding them to their will. Known simply as summoners, the existence of these men and women and their arcane art have been all but lost to the ages.

Summoners have the ability to summon the "essence" of the Eorzean primals, giving him access to more powerful abilities and summons compared to the Arcanist.


Currently available information states that every new Summoner summon and ability can be used only after completing specific quests. Data mining and comments from Mr. Yoshida also suggest that the various summons will have very different roles, allowing the Summoner to change their party role to some degree, such as "off-tanking" with one summon, or take more of a pure damage role with another.

Ability Level MP Cost Type Usage Duration Combo
Proto Ramuh 4 Unknown Summon Summoner Unknown None
Summons Ramuh-Egi.
Proto Titan 15 Unknown Summon Summoner Unknown None
Summons Titan-Egi.
Proto Garuda 30 Unknown Summon Summoner Unknown None
Summons Garuda-Egi.
Fester 35 Unknown Damage Summoner Unknown None
Deals damage based on number of Damage over Time and ailments inflicted on enemy. 60 potency per.
Proto Ifrit 40 Unknown Summon Summoner Unknown None
Summons Ifrit-Egi.
Harms Way 45 Unknown Pet Command Summoner 12s None
User's pet takes damage for party member (excluding user).
Enkindle 50 Unknown Pet Command Summoner Unknown None
Execute a fulfillment skill on your current pet.
Additional Effect: Can only be used when a pet is summoned.



In an age long past, when mankind flourished under the radiance of arcane mastery, the island of Vylbrand was home to a city-state called Nym. Though the history of that age tells of countless wars waged with earth-shattering incantations, it was the brilliant strategic maneuvering of Nym's scholars that allowed their mundane army of mariners to throw back would-be conquerers time and again. These learned men and women defended the freedom of their tiny nation with their unique command over spell-weaving faeries, utilizing the creatures' magicks to heal the wounded and bolster the strength of their allies.

Scholars are accompanied by a fairy, which aids them in their duties.


Very little is known about the abilities of the Scholar at present, due to the recentness of their announcement and lack of previous information given. It is suspected that the Scholar job may alter standard Arcanist gameplay substantially, however, as Scholars are meant to be supportive healers as opposed to damage dealers and off-tanks. Scholars are apparently going to be able to fight, while specializing in Healing over time spells that affect the whole party. Template:Sec-stub




  • The Arcanist class was present in the game data since beta, but was never made playable. It was evidently planned to fight with magical traps and use a mechanical staff. The class had a guild in Limsa Lominsa in the original game, but it was only used in a few quests.
  • In A Realm Reborn, the class seems to have been repurposed as a sort of summoner class, as seen in an early leak from the Final Fantasy XIV website. The page was quickly taken down after it was discovered by players.[1]. The class reveal was later confirmed during the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event. The class does retain its Lominsan origins, but nearly everything else about their concept has been altered.
  • Arcanist was the first class in Final Fantasy XIV to receive two branching job options, and the only class to date to receive them before it was even released. Mr. Yoshida has indicated other classes will get branching jobs in future updates.


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