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Summon boards in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia are menus for additional enhancements (for mBRV, iBRV, ATK, DEF, HP) which can be applied to characters which participate in Ultimate summon quests in the World of Illusions (available after clearing the initial Trial quests and leveling the summon to at least LV 20). A unique summon board exists for each of the in-game summons.

Each board requires 6500 summon points. Each attribute enhancement requires 100 summon points (for a total of 5000 required points), while three passive abilities (500 points each, for a total of 1500 points) are also available. Passive abilities may offer boosts or increased defense against attacks of the summon's elemental type. Other passive abilities cause general buffs to a character's attributes which are contingent on the character's HP or BRV; each summon usually has one passive ability which buffs characters without any other conditions. As the player completes a summon board they gain access to three treasures: armor tokens, draw tickets, and gems. Summon board rewards are one of two on-demand sources of armor tokens in the game (the other being Hard Mode lost chapter boss battles).

Summon points are generally accrued when a character participates in a quest during the Ultimate Trials for a given summon. However, every completed quest offers a reduced number "wild points" which can be freely assigned to any character, regardless of whether or not they have participated in a summon quest. Moogle Passes are pay-to-play passes which boost acquired summon and wild enhancement points by 150% when active.