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Summon Materia.

Single slot. Summon Materia (召喚マテリア, Shōkan Materia?) is a set of Materia in Final Fantasy VII that allows for summoned monsters to be used in equipment and battle for various effects. Summon Materia typically has high stat penalties for equipping them, which they make up for with strong attacks and the ability to use or protect against various status effects and elements. Summon Materia is the only type of Materia that can never be bought. Shiva is the only Summon Materia the player obtains through storyline.

In the PlayStation 4 version the player earns trophies for finding the following Summon Materia: Leviathan, Bahamut, Bahamut ZERO, Knights of Round and Master Summon.


Summon Materia Star
Summon Materia Level

Each Summon Materia has five levels. The level of the Materia decides how many times the relevant Summon ability can be cast, with the level matching the number of castings per battle. An exception goes to Master Summon, which grants all summons to be cast an infinite amount of times, while the only limiting factor is the MP available to the summoning character. All Summon Materia sell for 1 gil only, regardless of the Materia level.

The elements given to Summon Materia do not always match the element of the ability the Materia grants. Both Choco/Mog and Typhon have the Wind element, while their summon attacks are not Wind-elemental. The Materia's elemental and status attributes can be utilized when paired with Support Materia in a party member's weapon or armor.

The player can only obtain one "fresh" version of every Summon Materia with the exception of Master Summon and Phoenix (due to a programming oversight). Other Summon Materia can be obtained in multiple ways, but the game will only allow the player to have one, so the other methods will be removed. A player can still have multiple versions of the other Summon Materia through mastering.

List of Materia[]

Materia Effect Elem(Element) ST(Status) Stat changes AP for level Location
Choco/Mog Choco/Mog Summon command. Wind[note 1] Stop Max HP -2%
Max MP +2%
Mag +1
L2: 2000
L3: 14000
L4: 25000
L5: 35000
Chocobo Farm, the player must interact with a Chocobo by the fence.
Summons Choco/Mog
Shiva Shiva Summon command. Ice -- Max HP -2%
Max MP +2%
Mag +1
L2: 4000
L3: 15000
L4: 30000
L5: 50000
Under Junon, gift from Priscilla. Found in Priscilla's House if Materia is full at this point.
Summons Shiva
Ifrit Ifrit Summon command. Fire -- Max HP -2%
Max MP +2%
Mag +1
L2: 5000
L3: 20000
L4: 35000
L5: 60000
Cargo Ship after defeating Jenova∙BIRTH. Can be missed if not picked up.
Summons Ifrit
Ramuh Ramuh Summon command. Lightning -- Max HP -2%
Max MP +2%
Mag +1
L2: 10000
L3: 25000
L4: 50000
L5: 70000
Chocobo racing lounge at Gold Saucer. Can be missed if not picked up.
Summons Ramuh
Titan Titan Summon command. Earth -- Max HP -2%
Max MP +2%
Mag +1
L2: 15000
L3: 30000
L4: 60000
L5: 80000
Gongaga reactor. It is not visible, but can still be acquired prior to the North Crater events on disc 2.
Summons Titan
Odin Odin Summon command. Hidden Death Max HP -5%
Max MP +5%
Mag +1
MDef +1
L2: 16000
L3: 32000
L4: 65000
L5: 80000
Nibelheim, in the second floor safe in Shinra Mansion. The code to open it is: (Right 36), (Left 10), (Right 59), (Right 97)
Summons Odin
Leviathan Leviathan Summon command. Water -- Max HP -5%
Max MP +5%
Mag +1
MDef +1
L2: 18000
L3: 38000
L4: 70000
L5: 100000
Defeat Godo in Wutai.
Summons Leviathan
Bahamut Bahamut Summon command. Hidden -- Max HP -5%
Max MP +5%
Mag +1
MDef +1
L2: 20000
L3: 50000
L4: 80000
L5: 120000
Temple of the Ancients after defeating Red Dragon. Can be missed if not picked up.
Summons Bahamut
(Kjata(PlayStation name))
Kujata Summon command. Hidden -- Max HP -5%
Max MP +5%
Mag +1
MDef +1
L2: 22000
L3: 60000
L4: 90000
L5: 140000
Found in Sleeping Forest. Can be missed if Materia stock is full when picking it up.
Summons Kujata
Alexander Alexander Summon command. Holy -- Max HP -5%
Max MP +5%
Mag +1
MDef +1
L2: 25000
L3: 65000
L4: 100000
L5: 150000
Found in Great Glacier after touching the Hot Springs and talking to the Snow woman.
Summons Alexander
Phoenix Phoenix Summon command. Fire -- Max HP -10%
Max MP +10%
Mag +2
MDef +2
L2: 28000
L3: 70000
L4: 120000
L5: 180000
Found at Fort Condor, top of the mountain (accessible after the Huge Materia mission if the player wins[note 2]).
Excavate from Bone Village after the Raid on Midgar if the player has previously excavated Buntline and has not obtained the Fort Condor Materia.[note 3]
Summons Phoenix
Neo Bahamut Neo Bahamut Summon command. Hidden -- Max HP -10%
Max MP +10%
Mag +2
MDef +2
L2: 30000
L3: 80000
L4: 140000
L5: 200000
Found in Whirlwind Maze. Can be missed if not picked up.
Summons Neo Bahamut
Hades Hades Summon command. Hidden Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Small
Slow, and Paralyzed[note 4]
Max HP -10%
Max MP +15%
Mag +4
MDef +4
L2: 35000
L3: 120000
L4: 150000
L5: 250000
Found in Sunken Gelnika storage room.
Summons Hades
(Typoon(Name in PlayStation version))
Typhon Summon command. Wind -- Max HP -10%
Max MP +15%
Mag +4
MDef +4
L2: 35000
L3: 120000
L4: 150000
L5: 250000
Found in Ancient Forest treetops.
Summons Typhon
Bahamut ZERO Bahamut ZERO Summon command. Hidden -- Max HP -10%
Max MP +15%
Mag +4
MDef +4
L2: 35000
L3: 120000
L4: 150000
L5: 250000
Cosmo Canyon, blue Huge Materia. Obtained if the player has both Bahamut and Neo Bahamut. If the party has missed Huge Materia, Bahamut ZERO can be excavated from the Bone Village minigame.
Summons Bahamut ZERO
Knights of Round
(Knights of the Round(Name in receipt message in the Materia Cave))
Knights of Round Summon command. Hidden -- Max HP -10%
Max MP +20%
Mag +8
MDef +8
L2: 50000
L3: 200000
L4: 300000
L5: 500000
Materia Cave on Round Island, requires a Gold Chocobo.
Summons Knights of Round
Master Summon Summon skillset and all sixteen commands. Hidden -- -- N/A The red Huge Materia in Bugenhagen's observatory in Cosmo Canyon grants it when the party has all 16 mastered Summon Materia.
After defeating Emerald Weapon, giving the Earth Harp to the Kalm traveler also earns one.
All Summoned monsters summoned
  1. The Materia is Wind-elemental, but the summon attacks are not.
  2. Either win the minigame or lose the minigame but defeat the boss
  3. Phoenix is the only regular Summon Materia (excluding Master Summon) that can be obtained twice. Phoenix is ordinarily obtained after winning the Fort Condor Huge Materia mission, however, the player can avoid picking up the Materia. After the Raid on Midgar (start of Part 3), the player can obtain the Phoenix Materia from Bone Village if it was not obtained from Fort Condor. If the player excavates the Phoenix Materia, they can return to Fort Condor and pick up a second Phoenix Materia.
  4. Slow and Paralyzed are inflicted with summoning Hades, but are not traits in the Materia itself for use for Added Effect Materia.



Evocation is the act of calling upon or summoning a spirit, demon, god or other supernatural agent, in the Western mystery tradition. Comparable practices exist in many religions and magical traditions and may employ the use of mind-altering substances with and without uttered word formulas.

Materia means "matter" or "substance" in Latin, Spanish, and Italian; it also means "subject" in Italian and Spanish, and is the root of Portuguese "Matéria".