Summoner command. Summon creatures from the ether.


Summon Magic (召喚魔法, Shōkan Mahō?) is the action ability for the Summoner in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Equipment AP MP Range Power
Unicorn Pure Staff 200 12 4 40
Summons Unicorn to heal HP and status ailments. Deals damage to zombies.
Element: Holy
Ifrit Guard Staff 200 18 4 40
Summons Ifrit to deal fire damage.
Ramuh Judge Staff 200 18 4 40
Summons Ramuh to deal lightning damage.
Shiva Snake Staff 200 18 40 4
Summons Shiva to deal cold damage.
Kirin Cure Staff 200 24 4
Summons Kirin to gradually heal HP.
Carbuncle Garnet Staff 300 12 4
Summons fairy Carbuncle to cast "Reflect."
Phoenix Nirvana Staff 300 24 4
Summon phoenix to revive KO's ally. Deals damage to zombies.
Element: Holy.
Madeen Cheer Staff 300 36 4 52
Summons Madeen to deal holy damage.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Evocation is the act of calling upon or summoning a spirit, demon, god or other supernatural agent, in the Western mystery tradition. Comparable practices exist in many religions and magical traditions and may employ the use of mind-altering substances with and without uttered word formulas.

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