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Summon eidolons.


Summon is a command in Final Fantasy IX for Dagger and Eiko that calls forth an eidolon at the cost of MP. The eidolons are either supportive or offensive. In Dagger's Trance, her Summon becomes Eidolon.

At the beginning of the game Garnet/Dagger has the Summon command but insufficient MP to summon. After losing and regaining her eidolons, the MP cost is reduced. The summon command is sealed in Oeilvert and during Dagger's emotional turmoil her commands can randomly fail and she cannot enter Trance. The Summon command is disabled if the user is afflicted with Silence.

Using the Summon command 50 times earns the You Called? achievement in the mobile and Steam versions.


Summons' spell power is based on math, item stock and animation length; the full length animation can be regarded as a "powered up" version of the short animated version. Certain add-ons and support abilities govern the summons' effects. The first time a summon is called the full animation plays.

After that, there is a 33% or 10% chance to get the full animation again based on the following:


If the support ability Boost is equipped there is a 100% chance of getting the full animation. MP in these calculations refers to the MP before the cost is subtracted. The value used for Summon MP Cost is unaffected by Half MP.

In Dagger's Trance her Summon command becomes "Eidolon" (幻獸, Genjū?, lit. Mystical Beast), increasing the chance of a summon having a stronger attack (full animation). The summoned eidolon has a chance of reappearing during the rest of the battle as long as Dagger stays in Trance. If Dagger summons multiple eidolons, the last eidolon she summons will be the one that can reappear. The random summons do not use MP or expend the Trance gauge, but are weaker than regular summonings, always using the short animation and item stock "bonuses" will not enter into the calculation. As the random summons don't deplete the Trance gauge, one can let Dagger idle. If Dagger dies or is ejected from battle (like with the attack Snort), the attacks will stop.

The attacks and spell power for Dagger's summons are straight-forward: they are based on item stock and length of animation, the short version being weaker than the full length animation (FLA).

The formula used to determine the amount of damage an eidolon does during its full animation is as follows:


If the eidolon is summoned and does its half animation, the formula changes to as follows:


The ability Boost makes the summon always the full animation one, but it costs many Magic Stones and takes a long time to learn from the Pumice Piece.

List of summons[]


At the beginning Garnet's eidolons cost high MP up until she loses them. When she relearns the summon spells later, the MP cost is quarter of the original cost. Even Leviathan and Ark would have this increased MP cost, only seen if one hacks their game to include them earlier than intended.

The summons' attack power gains a bonus from the number of jewels in the player's inventory during the full length animation.

Command Ability Power MP Learned From Effect
Original Relearned
Shiva Diamond Dust 36 + No. of Opals (34(As Eidolon echo)) 96 24 Opal for 20 AP Causes Ice damage to all enemies.
Ifrit Flames of Hell 42 + No. of Topazes (37(As Eidolon echo)) 104 26 Topaz for 20 AP Causes Fire damage to all enemies.
Ramuh Judgement Bolt 32 + No. of Peridots (31(As Eidolon echo)) 88 22 Peridot for 30 AP Causes Lightning damage to all enemies.
Atomos G-Force 199 30 + No. of Amethysts (16(As Eidolon echo)) 128 32 Amethyst for 25 AP Reduces all enemies' HP by a percentage based on its Attack Power. It will not work on bosses.
Full Animation:
Half Animation:
Eidolon Echo:
Odin Zantetsuken - 112 28 Dark Matter for 30 AP Causes Instant Death to all enemies.
Gungnir[note 1] 145 - No. of Ores (49(As Eidolon echo)) Causes non-elemental damage to all enemies. The attack is still called Zantetsuken on the screen, but it doesn't deal instant death.
Leviathan Tsunami 59 + No. of Aquamarines (63(As Eidolon echo)) 168 42 Aquamarine for 40 AP Causes Water damage to all enemies.
Bahamut Mega Flare 88 + No. of Garnets (77(As Eidolon echo)) 224 56 Garnet for 80 AP Causes non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Ark Eternal Darkness 106 + No. of Lapis Lazulis (87(As Eidolon echo)) 320 80 Pumice for 100 AP Causes Shadow damage to all enemies.
  1. Gungnir is used if Odin's Sword support ability is equipped on enemies that Zantetsuken failed on.



The summons' attack power gains a bonus from the number of jewels in the player's inventory during the full length animation. Some of the summon effects change depending on which add-on Eiko has equipped.

Command Ability Power MP Learned From Effect
Fenrir Terrestrial Rage 42 + No. of Sapphire 30 Sapphire for 30 AP Causes Earth damage to all enemies.
Millennial Decay 44 + No. of Sapphire Causes Wind damage to all enemies if Maiden Prayer is equipped.
Phoenix Rebirth Flame 40 32 Phoenix Pinion for 40 AP Causes Fire damage to all enemies and revives all KO'ed party members restoring their HP equal to:
[((Target Spr + 30) * Target Max HP) / 100]
HP restored is doubled if support ability Concentrate is equipped.

If Eiko is in the party there is a chance Phoenix will automatically revive the party if they are all KO'd. The chance of this happening is equal to:

[(# of Phoenix Pinions / 256) * 100]
It deals no damage to the enemy and uses no MP.
Carbuncle Ruby Light - 24 Ruby for 35 AP Casts Reflect on the party. Also casts Protect if full animation.
Diamond Light - Casts Vanish on the party if Diamond is equipped. Also casts Protect if full animation.
Emerald Light - Casts Haste on the party if Emerald is equipped. Also casts Protect if full animation.
Pearl Light - Casts Shell status on the party if Moonstone is equipped. Also casts Protect if full animation.
Madeen Terra Homing 71 + Eiko's Level 54 Ribbon for 120 AP Causes Holy damage to all enemies.


Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

Some of the summon abilities appear in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Some of the eidolons' summon attacks from Final Fantasy IX appear in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Behind the scenes[]

After Eiko first joins the party at the Conde Petie Mountain Path, if the player uses her Summon command in a battle before fighting Hilgigars, Zidane will be surprised and comment on her use of eidolons. This is akin to how Edgar Roni Figaro and Locke Cole react to Terra Branford using magic in battle for the first time in Final Fantasy VI.

If Fenrir's Terrestrial Rage attack is summoned on Bombs, sometimes when they use Grow, their graphic will disappear and they become invisible.


Evocation is the act of calling upon or summoning a spirit, demon, god or other supernatural agent, in the Western mystery tradition. Comparable practices exist in many religions and magical traditions and may employ the use of mind-altering substances with and without uttered word formulas.


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