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FFRK Summer Festival Event

Summer Festival 2017 was a global-exclusive, holiday-themed Special Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. The event offered speical orb and equipment dungeons and Relic Banners with a variety of Soul Breaks. In the global release, this event ran from June 21 to July 11, 2017 (UTC).

Mechanics Edit

As with prior festival events, this Summer Festival issue offered numerous dungeons that rewarded orbs. If a Cactuar was defeated in battle, higher-level Orbs were dropped than were normally offered for a given tier.


Phase 1: Summon, Ice, Earth Orbs Edit

Run Dates: June 21 - 26 (UTC)

Phase 2: Fire, Dark, and White Orbs Edit

Run Dates: June 26 - July 1 (UTC)

Phase 3: Black, Power, and Wind Orbs Edit

Run Dates: July 1 - July 6 (UTC)

Phase 4: Holy, Non-Elemental, and Lightning Orbs Edit

Run Dates: July 6 - July 11 (UTC)

Phase 5: Weapon & Armor Upgrade Materials Edit

Run Dates: June 21 - July 11 (UTC)

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