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Mephilia... Someday, I will be at your side once more.


Suleiman is a non-player character in Bravely Default. He was the lover of the Bloodrose Legion's Mephilia Venus and the best friend of the Black Blade's Hayreddin Barbarossa. He was the captain of the SS Funky Francisca. He perished sometime prior to the events of the game.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Suleiman used to be a pirate captain and was considered a playboy of sorts, dashing in his own right and having proved capable of entrancing Mephilia for a year. His current state in the game is as a glowing ball of light.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Prior to the events of the game, Suleiman had whisked away the prodigious Bloodrose Legion summoner Mephilia for an entire year. He was later driven away by her sister, Einheria, who thought him a nuisance towards the development of Mephilia's natural talents. He discovered a clue regarding the location of a summon creature highly sought after by Mephilia, the Susano-o, believing that finding the summon would have lead to Einheria giving the couple her blessing. Following a near one hundred days, he had sailed to the west of Ancheim, the south of Caldisla and the east of Eisenberg to find the creature but to no avail.

After two years of empty results, Suleiman lamented on his promise to Mephilia going unfulfilled, having eventually passed away from the onset of a crippling disease. Barbarossa later happened upon the Funky Francisca, having boarded the empty vessel and discovering the body and soul of his former friend. After reading Suleiman's log, Barbarossa took it upon himself to complete his friend's promise. Unfortunately, knowledge of his death caused Mephilia to experience much grief, eventually leading her to undergo a bout of insanity during which her personality took a sadistic shift. His love for Mephilia transcended death, only wishing to be by her side once more.

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