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Suiton: Ni
MP 1 Mizu-deppo
Effect Deals minor water damage and lowers the enemy's resistance to lightning.
Duration 15 seconds
Casting Time 1.5 Seconds
Recast Time 45 Seconds
Magic Type Ninjutsu
Element Water
Jobs NIN 40

Suiton: Ni is a Ninjutsu spell in Final Fantasy XI. It deals minor water damage (usually about 80 damage) and lowers the enemy's resistance to lightning damage. The Suiton: Ni scroll can be obtained from defeated Yagudo Conquistadors.

It is part of the "Elemental Wheel" of Ninjutsu spells. The spells create a six-part wheel of one spell reducing the enemy's resistance to the element of the next as seen below: ElementalWheel.PNG
The set Elemental Wheel of Ninjutsu consists of the following (Note: these are in casting order, and the casting can begin at any spell in the sequence):

Ichi Wheel
Level Spell
15 Suiton: Ichi
15 Raiton: Ichi
15 Doton: Ichi
15 Huton: Ichi
15 Hyoton: Ichi
15 Katon: Ichi
Ni Wheel
Level Spell
40 Suiton: Ni
40 Raiton: Ni
40 Doton: Ni
40 Huton: Ni
40 Hyoton: Ni
40 Katon: Ni
San Wheel
Level Spell
75 Merit Suiton: San
75 Merit Raiton: San
75 Merit Doton: San
75 Merit Huton: San
75 Merit Hyoton: San
75 Merit Katon: San