Subway: Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel is the seventh episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Unlimited Episode 7

Subway: Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel



Bismark dissolves the creatures, and the ground collapses beneath Ai, Yu, Lisa and Chobi.

All aboard!Edit

Episode 7 Kaze's Memory

Kaze's memory.

The group recovers, marveling the sand was soft enough to save them from the fall. Below the ground, there is a second desert, but this one does not sport the pillars of fire seen above the ground. Kaze has fallen down here as well.

Chobi's alarm sounds, and he races off into the distance, claiming a station can be found down here. The group decides to return to the subway, and invite Kaze to come with them. As Lisa touches his hand, he seems shocked, and the scene cuts to a black and white shot of Kaze and an unidentified girl. Kaze claims "Everything will end in the next fight."

When Kaze opens his eyes, he realizes Yu has led him to board the subway, with the departure bell tolling. As he turns to leave, the door slams in his face. As the subway departs, someone watches the group from the next carriage.

Friends and foesEdit

Episode 7 Lou

Lou Lupis.

Ai and Yu notice the girl watching them, and chase her, believing she might lead them to the Earl. Lisa chases the children, warning that she may work for the Earl. Lisa yells that the girl is not human, causing all four to come to a stop. Yu greets her, as she shyly hides her face from view.

Episode 7 Omega's Hand

Omega's Hand.

As she steps out into the open, Ai claims she looks human enough. The girl introduces herself as Lou Lupus, or Lou for short, and she overcomes her shyness.

She has been traveling the Innerworld for some time. The group invites her to join them, noting it would be helpful to have someone with her knowledge with them. She agrees, but warns them of her "true identity".

Venturing to the front of the train, the children discover the train was built by Cid, after spotting his mark in the driver's carriage. The train seems to panic, and picks up speed. A massive claw appears behind the train, gaining on it.


Episode 7 Wolf Lou

Lou transforms into a werewolf.

Lou explains that Omega was torn to pieces a while ago, and what is chasing them is Omega's nail. Omega destroyed her world, and everything she loved. Despite the destruction of the beast, Omega still lives, though she is unsure how.

As the back carriage breaks away, the group comes face to face with Omega. After remembering the destruction of her world, Lou requests a mirror. PoshePocket obliges, producing a mirror taller then Lou, and several times larger then itself.

Episode 7 Ifrit

Ifrit destroys Omega's Hand.

Lou stares at her reflection when her eyes begin to glow, and she transforms into a werewolf. Taking her place atop the subway, she releases an energy blast at Omega. Kaze remembers he's seen a light similar to this before, revealing the girl from his memory to be someone named 'Aura'.

Lou's attack has no effect on Omega that shrugs her off with an energy blast, sending her tumbling into the unknown. The others question why Kaze let her fight alone, with Lisa claiming that though Lou was a werewolf, she was more human them him.

Kaze primes the Magun, and prepares to fire. Ifrit charges at Omega, but his first attack has no effect. Kaze claims Ifrit will never lose, regardless of who he is fighting. Ifrit charges in, using itself as a final attack, shattering Omega.


Episode 7 Lou Returns

Lou returns with the final carriage.

As the group recovers, they notice the final carriage returning, with Lou inside. Kaze is again missing, and Ai wonders if they will meet again. Yu claims Kaze will return, like he always does. Lou mentions that despite everything, Omega has not been destroyed, and will return.


Kaze reveals another Soil combination in this episode:

The grinding teeth of incandescence/The flaming hot fang - Cardinal Red

The gale of red lotus flowers/The deep blood of the hurricane - Dark Crimson

The strength of steel - Burnt Sienna

This summons Ifrit, whose flames can stop anything in its tracks.


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