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Allows you to use subversive spells.


Subversion materia is a Magic Materia Magic Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission" equipped to provide spells that remove defensive buffs from enemies. These spells are Breach Breach, which can remove the Barrier Barrier and Manaward Manaward buffs, and Dispel Dispel, which can remove all buffs on a target.

Subversion materia can be paired with Warding Materia Warding Materia to provide resistance to Instant Death.


A subversion materia orb drops from the Ghoul boss, fought during "Shadow in the Control Room" in "Haunted" at the Train Graveyard. It can also be bought from shops after this point for 3,000 gil.

In INTERmission, subversion materia is sold in the Sector 7 Slums item shop, and in all vending machines.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 Breach
2 1200 Dispel


Magic MP Effect
Breach 10 Removes the Barrier Barrier, Manaward Manaward, Shield Shield, and Reflect Reflect statuses from a target.
Dispel 16 Removes all buffs from a target.


Subversion materia allows the user to remove buffs from a target that reduce damage. This can be helpful against large bosses that often rely on these buffs to lengthen battles, making it a useful materia to equip. Its level 1 spell, Breach, can remove Barrier and Manaward, while Dispel can remove any buffs.

The subversion materia also provides many attribute bonuses. These are +2 to max MP, +2 to Magic Attack Magic Attack, +1 to Magic Defense Magic Defense, +1 to Magic Magic attribute, and +1 to Spirit Spirit. These bonuses all mostly benefit characters who are built towards spellcasting, which is normally Aerith Gainsborough or Cloud Strife due to their naturally high Magic Magic attribute, but can be any character depending on the equipped weapon and materia. Because the spells do not rely on the user's magic attribute, Tifa or Barret can just as easily make use of them even if they are not built towards magical damage, they just will not benefit from the bonuses.

Subversion materia spells help all characters in a wide variety of situations. Because many bosses can buff themselves in a way that makes them resist damage, subversion materia can be useful to always equip for these scenarios.

The ability for subversion materia to provide immunity to Instant Death with warding materia also makes it compelling. It is not only ideal against tonberries, but allows Self-Destruct from the Enemy Skill Materia Enemy Skill Materia to not instantly kill a character with Reprieve. Doing so can instantly bring on a limit break as well as deal considerable damage.