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Ancient ruins that span across the center of the main continent. This giant facility was built a thousand years ago to serve as the foundation of the Victory Monument. The area is supervised by the Lilty Army, and at one time was open to the public. But after a massive cave-in, the Lilty sealed the facility from the outside world.

Several years ago, an archaeologist theorized that this was a military facility built before the Victorian monument was even conceived and that the latter served as camouflage for some clandestine military operation. However, archaeological circles of the time quickly dismissed the theory as folly.

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The Subterranean Ruins is a location from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is a series of underground ruins near the Chocobo Circuit.

Cave in the Cliff[]

A dark cave way. It contains two minor ledges with treasure chests, and a rocky chamber where goblins can be fought, serving as the game's battle tutorial. It gives way to the ruins.

Subterranean Ruins[]

Crystal Chamber[]

Several days prior to the massive cave-in at the subterranean ruins, Lilty guards on duty reported multiple ghost sightings. The descriptions of these ghosts were various, some being visions of giant cities, others of ghostly legions of armed soldiers. But the most common sighting was that of giant cubes adorned with geometric patterns floating in the air one moment, then vanishing in the other.

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While escaping the capital city of Alfitaria on a chocobo drawn cart, Layle and Belle are chased by the Lilty cavalry off a cliff, where they discover the entrance to the Subterranean Ruins. A goblin-infested cave at first, as they go further, the duo notice traces of civilization. Inside these ruins, Layle notes that the architecture wasn't built by Lilties, and discovers a creation myth about the Crystal Principle. Before he can finish reading the myth, he realizes the ruins are unstable, and barely saves Belle from falling into a chasm.

After traveling through the ruins, Layle and Belle enter the Crystal Chamber and find the Yuke Layle was pursuing, dubbed "Goldenrod", standing before an enormous crystal. She explains she is there for the Resurrection, but is interrupted by Keiss attacking. The Crystal Idol that Layle stole then begins to glow and emits a wave of energy, creating a branch from the crystal floating in the center of the room and losing the shards it had taken from the Alexis II.

Several drawings engraved on every wall begin to glow, and the solid structures of the place start to detach themselves to form floating cubes and pillars that constantly change position. As "Goldenrod" is now gone, Layle, Keiss and Belle are forced to flee the chamber through these platforms, ending up in the Old Lett Aqueduct.

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