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Subterranean Menace is an Odd Job in Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope", in Final Fantasy VII Remake. While Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace search for a way to the Shinra Building, they find Wymer, who asks them to investigate the test lab underground and fight monsters.

This sidequest must be completed to also complete "Secret Medicine".


Wymer is found in the Evergeen Park area in the Sector 6 Slums. After this, head through the hole underground to travel to the Sector 7 Collapsed Plate Area, and follow the linear path to the ladder down to the break room in the Underground Test Site, then head downstairs. Faint growling will be heard in the distance. Continue downstairs, where a few normal enemies are fought along with a wrath hound. This enemy is durable, and normally hard to pressure, though certain powerful abilities. Ice Materia Ice Materia spells can also exploit its weakness to ice. Head left, where Mark II Monodrives and a Sweeper are fought; once again, strong character abilities are best, and Lightning Materia Lightning Materia is ideal against the Sweeper. Against the Mark II Monodrives, when they become immune to physical damage, use a low-level spell to break it and then attack with physical damage. Additionally, using Fire Materia Fire Materia paired with Elemental Materia Elemental Materia on armor is helpful to absorb its fire attacks.

Continue proceeding down, and a few bloodhounds are fought, against which character abilities are best. After heading outside through the wind tunnel exit, another roar will be heard. Continue down along the linear path, until the party arrives in a long cave, in which a louder growl is heard. At the end of this, a ladder leads down to another cave, where ringmaws are fought. As before, strong character abilities are ideal against them. Defeat them, and head through the left opening at the end of the tunnel and use the ladder down. Proceed down a ramp and head left at the end, at which point a louder growl is heard; head through it to lead into another tunnel.

Type-0 Behemoth boss[]

The boss is encountered at the end of this tunnel. It has no elemental weaknesses, and instead resists all elements and magical damage. It will also respond to magic spells against it with a counterattack, meaning they should be used sparingly. It has an enchanted ring to steal, meaning the steal materia may be useful. Barret is best using a gun against it.

The Type-0 Behemoth has powerful melee attacks and is capable of leaping around the battlefield. Its lower body (back) and upper body (belly) are weak points, and should be crippled. Barret should use a gun and stay a distance from Cloud and Tifa; this way, if it focuses Cloud or Tifa, Barret can shoot its lower body, while if it focuses Barret, Tifa and Cloud have the opportunity to deal damage. After it uses Rampage, it temporarily resists all characters' weapons; stay defensive until this ends, and simply use Barret to shoot at it and deal a little damage in the meantime. At lower HP, it can cast meteors around it, meaning the party should keep at range.

Crippling its lower or upper body causes it to fall temporarily, making it immobile and only using limited melee attacks. When this happens, cripple its other body part quickly to stagger it. As both are required, deal damage to both parts before crippling one. Once staggered, use Tifa's techniques with Unbridled Strength to increase the damage it receives and lay into it with character abilities until it revitalizes. If its horns are crippled, it is no longer able to retaliate to magic spells.

Repeating the strategy a few times will bring it down. Defeating it will reward a behemoth horn, needed for "Secret Medicine". After defeating the Type-0 Behemoth, hold L1 to return to the surface and report to Wymer. This will award Barret the Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball weapon.

Hard mode tips[]

For most of the encounters on the descent to the bottom of the Underground Test Site, similar tactics apply. In the interest of conserving MP, however, Prayer Materia Prayer Materia should be used.

Against the Type-0 Behemoth, similar tactics apply as before: cripple the lower body and upper body to stagger it, then use Tifa's Unbridled Strength and True Strike against it to increase stagger damage, and lay into it with Barret's Maximum Fury and Cloud's Infinity's End. Beyond this, Barret should use Lifesaver and Steelskin throughout the fight, with Regen Regen cast on him. This will mean that using Pray should be all the healing that the party and any healing spells are just spent on Barret, covering for the rest of the party.

Defeating the Type-0 Behemoth will earn Barret the Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. X.