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The Subterrane of the True Moon is the area preceding the final dungeon of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the Depths. The first seven floors directly mirror the Lunar Subterrane from Final Fantasy IV, but every floor after that is new. Bosses from Final Fantasy IV appear to attack the party, such as the CPU or the Magus Sisters, and eventually the Archfiends.

On B12 in the Subterrane, the party has to fight Leviathan and Asura to break the seal leading to last floor, where the Dark Knight will fight them. Clearing the Subterrane will allow access to the Depths and the interdimensional elevator, which can also take the player to the Tail Collector's house.

At most save points that the player encounters, they will have the opportunity to rest and heal their party without needing a Tent or Cottage the first time. Doing so will allow them to witness various scenes featuring characters who have made the journey to the True Moon, some of which will result in new Band abilities being learned. The player does not need a specific party to view these scenes or learn these Bands: as long as the characters involved can be hired by the player aboard the Lunar Whale, they will be seen. Some characters, namely Ursula, Leonora, Harley, Calca and Brina and the Eblan Four, will only be present aboard the Lunar Whale if the player has uploaded data from a specific tale into the Final Chapter. Additionally, Calca and Brina and the Eblan Four will only be there if they survived in their corresponding save files. Any scene involving a character who has not made the trip to the True Moon will either be different or not occur at all, and the Band normally attached to it, if any, will be missed.

When encountering Rubicante, if Edge is in the party, the player will have the option to duel the Archfiend one-on-one, receiving a Fire Scarf for the feat. The item will not be received if the player fights Rubicante with their full party, with or without Edge in it.

If Rydia is in the party when fighting Asura and Leviathan, they will return to her as summons after being defeated; otherwise, they will be lost. Against the Dark Knight, both Cecil and Golbez must be in the active party, or else the Dark Knight will instantly kill the party when the battle begins. If both Ceodore and Rosa are also in the party, Golbez will survive, but if only one of them or neither of them is in the party, Golbez will die and will no longer be playable for the rest of the game.

During certain moon phases and in specific areas, the player can encounter enemies that drop colored tails that can be traded to the Tail Collector for rare and powerful equipment. The enemies that drop the tails can also be encountered in groups with other enemies in the same areas, but have lower stats and do not drop the tails when in a group.

The Subterrane in the 3D remake is different from the 2D versions.



The battle background on the first six floors.
North Room
Southeast Room
Southwest Room
The battle background on the tenth floor.
East Room
South Area
North Area
The battle background on the eleventh floor.
East Area
Center Area
East Area
Passage to B12F
The battle background on the thirteenth floor.



Subterranea refers to underground structures, both natural (such as caves) and man-made (such as mines).