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FFVII Submarine Minigame

Submarine Game combat screen.

Submarine Game (潜水艦ゲーム, Sensuikan Gēmu?) ("Torpedo Attack" on the machine) is a replay of the battle for the Huge Materia near the Junon Underwater Reactor in Final Fantasy VII. It becomes available on disc 2 after it has been played in the storyline. The game is located on the second floor and costs 200 gil to play.


The player must down a number of enemy submarines. Up is descend, Down is ascend, Left or right is move left or right, X is slow down, Triangle is speed up, Square is fire, R1 is sonar, R2 is change view and Select is quit.

The number of enemy submarines and their HP increases by each difficulty level, as does the number of mines on the field, up to level 5. The best strategy is to use sonar to locate nearby enemy subs, go behind them and fire torpedoes all at once after locking on target. For winning, the player gets 20 GP, plus a one-time special item. The score doesn't influence the received prize, but the faster a level is beaten the higher the player's score will be, and the less damage the player takes. Higher difficulties will net more points than lower difficulties.

Difficulty Prize Number of targets
Level 1 20 GP + Ink 7
Level 2 20 GP + T/S Bomb 10
Level 3 20 GP + Dragon Fang 8
Level 4 20 GP + Dragon Scales 12
Level 5 20 GP + Cauldron 10
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