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Submarines are underwater vehicles used by the Shinra Electric Power Company in the Final Fantasy VII series. They are primarily used around Junon and to explore the underwater area around the Junon Underwater Reactor.

Submarines are the only vehicles in Final Fantasy VII that can submerge to the ocean floor and explore the Bottom of the Sea locations. They can be docked and picked up at various natural harbors next to Junon, near the Gold Saucer, and just outside Lucrecia's Cave. There are two submarine types: the red version and the gray version. The kanji on the gray submarine means "#2" (, Ni?), while the kanji on the red submarine means "#1" (, Ichi?).


Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Player Turks navigating the ocean floor.

Considered fugitives by the Shinra management due to their involvement and collaboration with Verdot, the Turks attempt to locate the required support materia needed to help Verdot's daughter, Elfe.

Discovering one located in Gongaga with the help of Reeve Tuesti, the Player Turk abducts a submarine from the Junon harbor with Cait Sith and navigates the mined ocean floor to get to the village unseen.

Final Fantasy VII[]

The docked submarines in the underwater reactor.

The party steals a "Shinra Sub" while hunting for the Huge Materia in the underwater reactor. While boarding the vessel, they can choose to fight a few Shinra guards in the bridge, the same three guards Cloud meets after he first jumped into the higher levels of Junon with the dolphin. Alternatively, the party can spare the guards and hold them prisoner instead.

If Yuffie is in the party, she starts suffering from motion sickness almost immediately after the sub embarks. Cloud also starts suffering momentarily from claustrophobia.


Whether the player kills the soldiers in the submarine or takes them hostage has no effect on the gameplay involving the submarine. If the player takes them prisoner, cutscenes involving the inside of the submarine, such as when finding the Key of the Ancients, will have them sitting on the side.

While searching for the Huge Materia, the party will encounter a red submarine transporting it and become embroiled in an underwater battle. If the enemy submarine is not defeated, the Huge Materia is lost forever and the player can find the red submarine at the submarine dock at the Underwater Reactor. If the player defeats the red submarine, examining its sunken wreckage on the sea floor will reveal the Huge Materia. The submarine minigame can be later replayed in the Gold Saucer's Wonder Square, known as Torpedo Attack.

Submarine combat screen.

If the player's submarine gets destroyed, Cloud and the party are saved by Mr. Dolphin and wash ashore in Under Junon. The player loses the submarine they had, but they can get another one by going to Junon and taking the entryway previously guarded by a dog to the Junon Submarine Dock. This is the only way for the player to get a red submarine; otherwise their submarine will be gray.

The submarine can also be used to explore the ocean in the center of the world map. If the submarine touches the Emerald Weapon, a battle initiates. The submarine is required to get to the Gelnika, and is needed to obtain the Ancient Key necessary to progress through the game.

There is a glitch concerning the submarine, where if the player dismounts a chocobo next to the submarine and immediately gets into the sub, they can cause the submarine to get stuck on land. Some players have also reported a glitch in the PC version and the following versions based on it where the submarine gets permanently stuck in the Junon harbor. If the player hasn't yet picked up the Ancient Key, this glitch would ruin the save file, as the player needs the submarine to get it to continue the game.


Both the gray and the red submarines share the same layout, though the torpedo room can only be accessed in the former. To access the room one would have to fail the submarine mission, and it is this same criteria to be able to see the interior of the red submarine.



Torpedo Room[]


UV type Submarine
Length 93.5 meters
Width 22.7 meters
Draft 5.3 meters (landing)
Standard Displacement 1,342 tons (Surface)
2,722 tons (underwater)
System Shinra standard-issue mako engine x1
Output 6,500 horsepower
Speed 17.5 knots (surface)
27.3 knots (underwater)
Range 7,500 nautical miles at 18 knots
Crew Capacity 28
Armament 610 millimeter torpedo tubes x4
20 millimeter mounted machine guns x2
Place of Construction Junon Shipyard Dock 3