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Tidus uses Jecht Shot for the first time.

You can't do it, kid. But don't worry, my boy. You're not the only one. No one else can do it. I'm the best!

The "Sublimely Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III" (Original: ジェクト様シュート3号, Jekuto-sama Shūto San-gō?, lit. The Great Jecht Shoot No.3; International: 雄大かつすてきなジェクトシュート3号, Yūdai Katsu Suteki na Jekuto Shūto San-gō?, lit. The Wonderful and Magnificent Jecht Shoot No.3), often referred to as simply the Jecht Shot (ジェクトシュート, Jekuto Shūto?), is a blitzball technique invented by Jecht of Final Fantasy X.

With the release of Dissidia Final Fantasy, Jecht Shot has evolved into a combat ability used by Tidus.

As blitzball is based on association football,[1] Jecht Shot's last attack sequence alludes to one of the most famous football tricks: the jumping volley.


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Stupid name, huh? You know what? There is no Mark I or Mark II, you know? My old man said the name "Mark III" was just something to hook the crowd. He said they'd come back every night expecting to see Mark I and Mark II. And... they really did come back.

Tidus explains the name to Yuna

Jecht teaching the Jecht Shot to Tidus.

Jecht would use his special technique to boost audiences, saying that the name "Mark III" was to hook the crowd and make them return expecting to see Mark I or Mark II, and was given that designation because it hits two opponents and then scores a goal. However, no "Mark I" or "Mark II" ever existed. Jecht was known throughout Dream Zanarkand as the only person able to perform the move. Tidus unsuccessfully attempted to learn it when he was young, but masters it later on; thus, he is the only other player known to perform the move.


The best, huh? Yeah, right!

Tidus, right after mastering the technique for the first time.

Years later, when aboard the S.S. Winno, Tidus has the option of trying the "Jecht Shot Challenge" with a blitzball on the deck. The player only has one shot to do it at first, but may return later to retry it after obtaining the airship, Fahrenheit.

It requires the player to push X and a direction on the D-pad that corresponds with the location of an indicator onscreen, or just X if it appears in the middle. After practice, the real challenge begins, and the indicators are replaced by quotes from Jecht that demean Tidus. As the quotes are successfully selected, Tidus performs the different phases of the Jecht Shot in the background. After successfully getting eleven quotes, Tidus learns the shot and performs it in front of Wakka and the Besaid Aurochs. If the player is unsuccessful, Tidus fails at hitting the ball, thus not learning the technique.

If it is not performed correctly the first time, the player can return to the Kilika Port and ride the boat to Luca. The ball will be in the same spot and this time, there are infinite possible tries.

Learning Jecht Shot in the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster version earns the Striker trophy/achievement.


Tidus using the Jecht Shot in a match.

The technique is quite simple, but difficult to manage. The player kicks the ball, hitting either a post or an opposing defender before it returns. The player punches it into another player and it flies up. The player jumps after it, and spins fast to gain momentum and kicks it.

The stats for the technique are:

  • HP Cost: 120
  • SH +5
  • Effect: Knocks away up to 2 opposing players

While the Jecht Shot is effective, it has a long animation compared to other techniques, taking upwards of 20 seconds to execute. If the player is short on time, Jecht Shot may not be advisable to use.

Jecht Shot 2[]

There is a similar move called "Jecht Shot 2", with the following stats:

  • HP Cost: 999
  • SH +10
  • Effect: Knocks away up to 3 opposing players
  • Effect: Invisible Shot

It is acquired by winning a tournament when the first prize is "Jecht Shot 2", but Tidus must have obtained all his key techniques before it can be learned. It can be assumed that the "Jecht Shot 2" is a variation created by Tidus himself, with an added Sphere Shot, based on the original Jecht Shot.

Ultimate Jecht Shot[]

Braska's Final Aeon has two Overdrives in the final battle, one of which is Ultimate Jecht Shot. It transports the party to another dimension, where the Final Aeon catches a massive meteorite and flings it at the party, causing an explosion.

In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Jecht has "Ultimate Jecht Shot" as an HP attack, where he summons a massive boulder, then leaps into the air and flings it to the ground.

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