FFXI wiki icon Sublimation is a Scholar job ability in Final Fantasy XI that converts HP to MP over time. It is gained at Scholar level 35 and has a recast of 30 seconds.

FFXI Sublimation Activated Status When activated, the Scholar will gain the Sublimation: Activated status effect, causing him or her to slowly lose HP and store MP that can be recovered later. The conversion rate depends on the job level, and can be increased by certain equipment. Note that Stoneskin can be used to prevent the HP loss while still storing MP. Unless Stoneskin is used, the HP loss from this spell prevents resting and will automatically wake up a sleeping character. Regen spells can also be used to soften the HP loss. Also, the conversion will prematurely halt if the user's HP falls too low. The conversion normally is complete once 25% of the Scholar's maximum HP has been stored; this limit can be increased with Merit Points.

FFXI Sublimation Complete Status Once complete (or interrupted by low HP), the Scholar's Sublimation: Activated status will change to Sublimation: Complete status. Using the Sublimation job ability a second time will consume the Sublimation: Complete status and recover the stored MP.

Either Sublimation status can be dispelled or stolen by effects that are capable of removing positive status. Additionally, Sublimation: Complete will wear off in two hours.

The Refresh status cannot, regardless of source, be added to a Scholar who currently has either of the Sublimation statuses. All such effects will have no effect. Sublimation does however stack with all other sources of the Refresh stat such as equipment and Atma.

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