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Sub-zero Smash
FFXI Sub-Zero Smash
MP 44
Effect Deals blunt damage and may Paralyze the target.
Duration 180 seconds max
Casting Time 1 second
Recast Time 30 seconds
Magic Type Blue Magic
Element None
Jobs BLU 72

Sub-zero Smash is a Blue Magic spell learned from Ruszor in Final Fantasy XI. It deals blunt non-elemental damage with an additional paralysis effect for a duration of 180 seconds. It costs 4 Blue Magic Points to set. When set, it grants HP+10 and VIT +3. It takes 1 second to cast and can be recast every 30 seconds.

It can be set alongside Bad Breath to create the Fast Cast job trait. It is overwritten by, and does not overwrite: Paralyze, Paralyze II, and Jubaku: Ichi. The resistance of Paralysis is affected by Blue Magic Skill and the potency is affected by MND.

Sub-zero Smash is also an enemy ability used by the Ruszor family.

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