Stymie (スタイミー, Sutaimī?, lit. Stymie) is the Red Mage SP ability in Final Fantasy XI. The user's next Enfeebling Magic spell has its magic accuracy greatly enhanced. It can be recast every 1 hour.

Creation and development[edit | edit source]

Originally, the Red Mage SP2 ability was intended to be Encomium (エンコミアム, Enkomiamu?), which would have increased the potency of Enhancing Magic cast by the Red Mage; Enspells would have done more damage, Haste would have provided a greater speed bonus, Phalanx would have absorbed more damage per hit, etc. Encomium got as far as being implemented on the test server and receiving feedback. However, for unknown reasons, the development team changed their mind and implemented Stymie instead. Because Stymie does essentially the same thing as Elemental Seal—which has a much shorter timer, isn't limited to only enfeebling magic, and can be easily given by subbing Black Mage—Stymie is widely regarded as the worst special job ability. Over the heavy objection of the playerbase, Stymie was approved and remains to this day.

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