Juggler command. Attack with hoops and balls.


Stunt (曲芸, Kyokugei?, lit. Acrobatics) is the action ability for the Juggler in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Stunt[edit | edit source]

Skill Equipment AP Power Range
Hurl Kris Knife 100 4
Throw stocked item to deal damage.
Ring Rondell Dagger 200 4
Throw hoop to stop target.
Firebomb Khukuri 300 30 4
Damaging molotov cocktail. Induces berserker rage.
Ball Scramasax 200 4
Smacks head with ball to confuse target.
Dagger Jambiya 300 35 4
Thrown dagger deals damage and disables target.
Smile Orichalcum 300 4
Spreads the joy to allow ally to act immediately.
Gil Toss Jack Knife 100 4
Throws gil to deal damage. Gil thrown is lost.

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