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Shantotto casting Stun in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Stun (スタン, Sutan?) is a recurring ability in the series. Usually Black Magic, it usually attempts to inflict the Paralysis status on its victim.


Final Fantasy[]

A Black Mage casting STUN.

Paralyzes one foe.


Stun (STUN on the NES) is a level 6 Black Magic spell which always inflicts Paralysis on a single enemy that has 300 HP or less, unless they resist the status element. The spell can be bought at Crescent Lake and can be learned by the Black Mage and Black Wizard. In the GBA/PSP/mobile releases it costs 20 MP to cast. Stun can be cast by Dark Wizard and Marilith.

Final Fantasy II[]

Paralyzes foes.


Stun is a Black Magic spell which inflicts Paralyze on one or all enemies. The success rate increases with the spell's level. As with all spells, any character can learn Stun by having them use the Stun Tome (Stun Scroll in Final Fantasy Origins). The spell Stop can also inflict Paralyze on a target.

Stun Tome
Effect Allows the target to learn Stun when used outside of battle. Casts Stun VIII when used in battle.
Find Castle Deist
Drop Dark Magician, Death Knight, Death Rider, Magician, Royal Guard

Stun VI is exclusively used by the Sorcerer, while Stun XVI is used by Beelzebub, Ghost, Hecteyes, Pit Fiend, and Skull.

Final Fantasy XI[]

MP 25
Effect Temporarily prevents an enemy from acting.
Duration Very brief
Casting Time 0.5 sec
Recast Time 45 sec
Magic Type Dark Magic
Element Lightning
Jobs BLM 45, DRK 37

Stun is a harmful status effect and spell that completely prevents the affected enemy or player from acting for a very brief time. Any spell or weapon skill being readied as Stun takes effect is interrupted, making it invaluable against some of the more dangerous enemies.

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Stun is a Brave attack for Shantotto. It does no damage but casts instantly and stuns the opponent, disrupting their current action. Shantotto learns the attack at Level 29. It costs 20 CP to equip and 120 AP to master.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Stun is one of Shantotto's Brave attacks, it has increased range and enables her to combo into her other attacks. It now costs 30 CP to equip and 80 AP to master. Shade also appears as a spell selectable during Onion Knight's Spellbook EX Burst, but it does nothing at all.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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