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The Study Panel is a computer terminal in Final Fantasy VIII used for school purposes. Students can access these terminals for information about the Garden and/or their studies. The system is Garden-wide and also provides forums for chatting or even public home-pages depending on the faculty's say-so.

Balamb Garden Study Panels[]

Main Study Panel Screen.jpg


The tutorial in the Study Panel is almost exactly the same as the help option in the main menu. It explains the game controls, terms and symbols encountered during the game. As a reward for looking at the Guardian Force page, the player will receive two GFs—Quezacotl and Shiva, and an explanation regarding GF powers.

The Basics[]

A more basic overview of some common terms the player would find in the game, such as Magic (and Para-Magic), Guardian Forces and Sorceress and Magic.

'Magic' used by ordinary people is actually 'para-magic'. In essence, it is a technique which involves controlling energy.
'Para-magic' was developed by Dr. Odine. He was the first scientist to research the nature of magic by studying a sorceress.
The skill can be gained by proper training. However, with magic, it is difficult to achieve power levels that are comparable to conventional weapons.
[GF (Guardian Force)]
A GF is an independent energy force. By combining it with para-magic, it is possible to control tremendous energy. Memory loss is a possible side effect, but this has not been proven as of yet.
[Sorceress and Magic]
A woman who has inherited the power of a sorceress. The origins of the sorceress go back to ancient times during Hyne's reign. However, there is no factual evidence.

About Garden[]

Features the Garden rules as well as info on the three Garden institutions and the basics of the SeeD mercenary program.

A Message From Garden[]

Garden Events: Contains chronographs indicating the Garden's major events during the year. Also contains announcements by the cafeteria, disciplinary and library committees.

Garden Square[]

Functions as a sort of public message board for the students. After Squall is appointed commander, it features messages from students cheering him on.

Festival Commitee Screen.jpg

The School Festival Committee[]

A section for the School Festival Committee to post announcements and student related material. Selphie Tilmitt, after becoming the Committee's sole member, revamps the page to become a kind of public diary and narration on game events.

Garden Festival Committee

Selphie writes about the current state of the festival, requesting new members and expresses her hopes for future festivals.

Hi! My name is Selphie Tilmitt! I just transferred here from Trabia Garden. I was on the Garden Festival Committee there, so I'm excited to join... But...there's no one on the committee here. So I guess that makes me the chair! As the Garden Festival chair, I plan to make full use of this page.
So, here we go!
Who wants to be on the Garden Festival Committee? C'mon everyone, join! Let's all work together make the Garden Festival a success! (Personally I want to have a concert! What do you all think?)

After defeating BGH251F2 in Fishermans Horizon:

I guess it wasn't meant to be, this time, but there'll be a Garden Festival next year, and the year after that and on and on! So... We're still looking for new members!
(It's not like I've given up on this one yet!)
My Friends

Selphie gets the main characters (except for Squall) to each write a little message on this page, featuring her own comments as well.

My Diary

Selphie writes about the game's story and events as it progresses from her perspective, sharing her outlook on them, opinions, worries, concerns, thoughts and feelings, effectively creating a chronicle of the game's events.

Sir Laguna's Page

Selphie's homage page to Laguna Loire, or "Sir Laguna," as she calls him. She posts reviews of Laguna's articles found in Timber Maniacs magazines during their travels.

Other Study Panels[]

  • In the remnants of Trabia Garden, a partially working computer panel and screen can be turned on to access Selphie's personal information. She will quickly arrive to turn it off.
  • The dorm rooms in Galbadia Garden feature personal Study Panels.