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The Striped Brigands are a group of thieves in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles who usually steal from travelers. The group consist of the Selkie leader Bal Dat, the moogle Artemicion, and Meh Gaj, an elderly Selkie.


  • Bal Dat - The leader of the group. He comes up with all the plans and is the only member who actually steals anything.
  • Meh Gaj - The elderly member of the group. He usually falls asleep during the group plans.
  • Artemicion - The moogle and only non-Selkie of the group.


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Mischief and trouble[]

The Striped Brigands first appear stealing from the Tipa Caravan. Later they come up with a plan to steal from the Tipa Caravan by distracting the party. Bal Dat and Artemicion pretend that Artemicion needs help while they wait for Meh Gaj to steal from the caravan while the party is distracted. After the party leaves, Bal Dat and Artemicion check to see what Meh Gaj has stolen, only to find out the elderly man had been sleeping the entire time and forgot to steal from the caravan.

Sometime later one of the party members from the Tipa Caravan ask the group of bandits if they have ever killed anyone. They claim to have never done such a thing. Later the group of bandits come up with another plan to steal gil from travelers. Before their plan goes into action, Artemicion being to speak of a thought that came to him about how he wants to become a star in the sky. Bal Dat calls him stupid for his strange thought and then puts his plan to steal gil from the Tipa Caravan into action.

All three thieves then jump in front of the road and block it so the caravan cannot pass. Bal Dat then begins to demand an huge amount of gil so the party can past. If the party refuses, they charge the caravan at Artemicion, knocking him into the air. Meh Gaj then exclaims "And so, he became a star". The bandits come up with a new plan with the help of Gurdy.

When the party runs into them again, they claim to have taken Gurdy hostage and demand 1,000 gil for his safety. However, if the party decides to give them a striped apple instead then the group of bandits will happily accept. This leaves Gurdy annoyed that his life is only worth a striped apple to them.

Passing of Meh Gaj[]

One day the party run into Artemicion who is calling out for help as the group of bandits have been attacked. Meh Gaj is seen on the road, dead having saved Bal Dat's life. Bal Dat acts as if the passing of his oldest member does not bother him, but eventually says that he will keep the group together in memory of Meh Gaj.

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Stolen items[]

One event that usually happen multiple times is a scene where the group steals from the party.

The following are items they usually steal:

  • Striped Apple
  • Alloy
  • Iron Shard
  • Bronze Jade
  • Bronze Shard
  • Cherry Cluster
  • Rainbow Grapes
  • Crystal Ball
  • Round Corn
  • Mythril
  • Iron
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Ruby
  • Gourd Potato

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

FFCCRoF Artemicion Creature.jpg

In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, there are no direct references to the group, but some small connections appear to exist between them and the character Gnash. The way Gnash dresses greatly resembles the outfit Bal Dat wears, and he even has red hair like him.

In the opening FMV of Ring of Fates, he is also seen with a Striped Apple in his hand, a fruit which the Striped Brigands named themselves after and hold more valuable then a life. In addition, when Gnash equips the Creature Head and Creature Suit, the costume resembles Artemicion.

Artemicion himself appears early in the game, as the owner of the Moogle Shop in Rebena Te Ra. Here, he sells Magicite pouches and Potion/Ether pockets, as well as stat-boosting items. He later leaves another moogle in charge, as he wanders the world looking for new items to sell. His travels are convenient for the heroes in Storyline Mode, as he appears at Sinner's Isle (claiming to be on holiday with his employees) and ??? (although his arrival there is not fully explained).

Additionally, the past version of him is present in the Rela Cyel Past (because he planned to loot the evacuated facility). The reason for these appearances is that once the player reaches Sinner's Isle, they have no access to shops until completing Rela Cyel Past; Artemicion and his employees therefore provide the shopping opportunities in these dungeons.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers[]

Artemicion makes a cameo in The Crystal Bearers, shown with a Striped Apple replacing his pom-pom. He is also said to be a wanted criminal, linked with 188 crimes.