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The Striking Tree is a trial in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, released in patch 2.3, Defenders of Eorzea. It is the player battle against the Sylph primal, Ramuh.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Hard[edit | edit source]

This battle is fought as part of the Main Scenario quests added in Patch 2.3. Unlike other primals, Ramuh remains stationary in the center of the arena, over a logo of the Sylph banner.

Throughout the battle, he uses an attack called Thunderstorm. This targets up to five players and three random spots, marked by a ring of electricity. Players should try to avoid standing in overlapping rings to minimize damage. He also uses Chaotic Strike, which inflicts a long duration Terror effect that can only be removed by being shocked by Thunderstorm. Ramuh also has an attack called Shock Strike that hits his main target and everyone around them for high damage. Everybody should be staying away from the tank in order to avoid taking fatal damage.

Once his health reaches 60%, he summons three Grey Arbiters in a triangular formation. These Arbiters must be defeated before his Judgment Bolt attack is ready, or else the party will be wiped out.

After Judgment Bolt, Ramuh resumes his earlier attack patterns. A new attack called Causality is used where two players are "tethered" by an electrical link. Both will take damage each time they perform an action, and can only be broken by one player grabbing three orbs throughout the arena to become electrically insulated.

Extreme[edit | edit source]

The Extreme version of the fight is unlocked once players defeat both Leviathan and Good King Moggle Mog XII's Extreme versions, and accept the quest "Judgement Bolts and Lightning".

In Extreme, the outer portion of the arena is filled with water. Whenever Ramuh uses Thunderstorm, any players standing in the water are hit for additional damage, which limits the amount of room for spreading out the lightning strikes. Thunderstorm also does more damage for each lightning orb that is on the field. Shock Strike will deal fatal damage to even the tanks, but this can be prevented by having the tank pick up three orbs to become insulated. It is recommended to have the remaining players grab the extra orbs to keep Thunderstorm damage manageable. Ramuh now uses Chaotic Strike on two players at a time, and if they are not shocked by Thunderstorm, they will slowly walk towards Ramuh, where they will be instantly killed by his close range area attack.

At 65% or so HP, Ramuh will summon six Grey Arbiters instead of three. Like in Hard difficulty, they all must be defeated before Ramuh readies Judgment Bolt, or else the party will be defeated.

After Judgement Bolt, Ramuh once again returns to his initial attack patterns, and adds Causality to the mix. Due to the tanks needing lightning orbs for the insulation buff, players will need to coordinate picking up the orbs in order to be able to deal with both Shock Strike and Causality, while also keeping Thunderstorm damage down.

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

"Thunder Rolls" plays during the battle with Ramuh on both difficulties.

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