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Striker Transport is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0 that appears in the second chapter's Code Crimson mission and third chapter's Expert Trial. It is a counterpart of the Striker which transports troops. It is a magitek armor.

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Enemy Compendium[edit | edit source]

While imperial engineers were mass producing the Warrior, they simultaneously began developing and manufacturing this derivative transport model as per a request from Imperial Logistics. The army moved supplies from Ingram to bases via airship, but the only way to transfer those supplies to the front lines was to entrust them to MAs—and, more often than not, the soldiers themselves. Reluctant to relegate troops they could station at the front lines to delivery duty, Militesi officials devised a plan to entrust the task of transporting supplies to MAs sanctioned as the "S-242 Terrain MA-T." In order to cut costs, R&D initially began constructing these models from salvaged parts of Strikers and Warriors. However, increased demand prompted engineers to simply start building the Striker Transports from scratch, and eventually these models comprised nearly 97% of all Striker-types being produced at the end of the war.

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