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Final Fantasy VIEdit

The Hyper Wrist and Bone Wrist increases the wearer's Strength by 50%. Various Espers grants a permanent boost to Strength when the equipped character levels up.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Materia Fusion can grant ATK+ to Materia, increasing Zack's ATK up to 100 points on a single Materia. The SP Turbo and SP Turbo Attack Support Materia increase the damage done by Zack's attacks by 20% for each level of the Materia, but cause Zack to expend SP when he attacks.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Guardian Forces can learn Str +20%, Str +40%, and Str +60%. The Str Bonus ability increases a character's Strength by 1 on level up, and unlike the +% abilities the boost is permanent for that character.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Strength +3%, Strength +5%, Strength +10%, and Strength +20% can be customized onto weapons.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

The Battle Lore Augment on the License Board grant the character +1 Strength when taken. The Focus Augment increases damage by 20% when the character has full HP, and Adrenaline doubles damage when the character is at critical health.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Strength: +X is a passive ability that increases Strength by X. It can be found on all weapons, Kaiser Knuckles, and Durable Kaiser Knuckles.

Strength: +X% is a passive ability that increases Strength by X%. It is a passive ability for the following Paradigm Pack monsters: Apkallu, Behemoth, Chichu, Chocobo, Dreadnought, Flangonzola, Gandayaks, Mandrake, Meonekton, Miniflan, Seeping Brie, Thermadon, Tonberry, Uridimmu, Vodianoi, Vouivre, Yaksha, Buccaboo, Buccaboo Ace, Fencer, Grand Behemoth, Koboldroid Yin, Munchkin Boss, Tabasco Toad, Major Moblin, Metalligantaur, Silver Lobo, Gigantuar, and Omega.

It can be also be found on various weapons and accessories: Wild Chorus, Power Wristband, Delicate Power Wristband, Durable Power Wristband, Brawler's Wristband, Delicate Brawler's Wristband, and Durable Brawler's Wristband.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

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Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

The Geomancer can learn Attack Boost, granting +33% damage. Dancers can learn Fury, which increases Physical Attack by 1 when the character is struck by a weapon.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

ATK Boost has six different levels, each increases ATK by a greater amount than the previous level. ATK Grow increases the amount of ATK the character gains upon leveling up, depending on the level the ability is at currently. ATK Boosts can be customized onto equipment via Strength Stones, while ATK Grow is customized onto equipment via the Small Ruby and Ruby.

Final Fantasy Legend IIEdit

The Power MAGI increases a Robot's HP by 99 and Str by 22 when equipped on them. Power increases the equipped character's Str by 5 and adds 1 point of Str to physical damage for each MAGI the player possesses.

Bravely DefaultEdit

Monks learn P.Attack 10% Up at job level 9 (requires 1 slot to equip).

Pirates learn P.Attack 20% Up at job level 9 (requires 2 slot to equip).

Dark Knights learn P.Attack 30% Up at job level 12 (requires 3 slot to equip).

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

STR +20% is the level 13 ability of the Warrior class, requiring 280 AP to learn. It requires 1 slot in order to equip and use.

Dissidia Final Fantasy / Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Various accessories grant boosts to ATK. Some accessories and weapons grant percentage-based boosts to damage and physical damage.

When an Equip ability is mastered, the character learns an Adept (in Dissidia) or Master (in Dissidia 012) for that type of equipment. When the Adept/Master ability is equipped while the character has a weapon of the corresponding type equipped, the character has a +5% damage boost.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

Strength Up comes in three levels of power, each level granting a larger bonus to Strength and damage during BMS sequences, but Lv2 and Lv3 carry a penalty to Agility. Strength Up Lv1 increases Strength by 20 and increases damage during BMS to 1.1x times normal, Strength Up Lv2 offers +40 Strength and 1.3x attack power but has a penalty of -60 Agility, and Lv3 increases Strength by 65 and increases attack power to 1.5x normal, with a penalty of -120 Agility.

Warrior of Light, Firion, Kain and Cloud learn all three levels of Strength Up, Squall, Seifer and Prishe learn Lv1 and Lv2, and Sephiroth learns only Lv1.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

Strength Up (Lv1) is a proactive ability that costs 5 CP to equip. It increases parameters while equipped. It adds 25 to Strength. It is learned by Warrior of Light (default), Kain (level 20), Tifa (level 5), Auron (level 5), Auron #2 (default), Orlandeau (default), Zack (level 10), and Machina (level 5).

Strength Up (Lv2) is a proactive ability that costs 10 CP to equip. It increases parameters while equipped. It adds 40 to Strength, but drops Agility by 30. It is learned by Warrior of Light (level 35), Kain (level 55), Tifa (level 50), Auron (level 45), Auron #2 (level 35), Fran (level 25), Benjamin (level 70), Zack (level 35), Machina (level 50).

Strength Up (Lv3) is a proactive ability that costs 16 CP to equip. It increases parameters while equipped. It adds 70 to Strength, but drops Agility by 60. It is learned by Kain (level 85), Tifa (level 85), Auron #2 (level 75), Orlandeau (level 10), and Zack (level 75).

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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World of Final FantasyEdit

Strength+ is a passive ability that raises strength. It can be used by Adamantoise, Affrite, Asterius, Babyhemoth, Bahamut★, Behemoth, Bihydra, Bismarck, Black Nakk, Bomb, Bombino, Brothertaur, Buer, Cactuar, Cactuar Johnny, Cerberus, Chocobo, Chrome Giant, Cocadrille, Cockatrice, Crimson Armor, Death Searcher, Deathskull, DemiVampire, Diablos★, Dualizard, Einhänder, Elasmos, Elefenrir, Elite Entom, Entom Guard, Entom Soldier, Flammantoise, Fritt, Garchimacera, Ghidra, Gigantrot, Gigantuar, Gilgamesh, Gleed, Goblin, Goblin Guard, Golem Head, Hyperion, Ice Bat, Ifreeta, Ifreeta★, Ifrit, Ifrit★, Imp, Iron Muscles, Korrigan, Kupicaroon, Kupirate, Kuza Kit, Lead Gnome, Left Claw, Leviathan★, Magitek Armor A, Magitek Armor P, Magna Roader (Purple), Magna Roader (Red), Magna Roader (Yellow), Mandragora, Manticore, Master Cactuar★, Master Tonberry★, Mecha Chocobo★, Mega Nightsqual, Memecoleous, Metalliskull, Mimic Queen, Mini Golem, Minimantoise, Minotaur, Mist Dragon, Mordskull, Nightmare, Nightsqual, Nirvalefor, Nut Eater, Odin, Odin★, Phoenix, Quachacho, Quacho, Quacho Queen★, Ramewl★, Ramuh★, Reaver Mu, Red Bonnotberry, Red Cap, Right Claw, Sand Worm, Sandicore, Sea Snake, Shivalry★, Shivverina, Sistertaur, Skull Eater, Sharqual, Spark Dragon, Sphinx, Tama, Tiamat, Titan, Tonberry, Trihyde, Undead Princess, Undead Princess★, Unicorn, Valefor, Vampire, Weeglee, White Chocobo, White Nakk, Wind Toad, XG, Yurugu, and Zaphr.

Strength++ is a passive ability that raises strength. It can be used by Bahamut★, Behemonster, Chrome Giant, Death Machine, Diablos, Diablos★, Gigantrot, Gleefrit, Holy Dragon, Ifreeta, Ifrit, Ifrit★, Iron Giant, King Bomb, Kyubi, Lann (Cloud's Champion Jewel, Zack's Champion Jewel), Leviathan, Leviathan★, Maduin, Malboro, Malboro Menance, Master Cactuar★, Mecha Chocobo, Mega Sharqual, Mimic Jackpot, Mythril Giant, Odin, Odin★, Omega, Omega Bane, Paleberry King, Princess Goblin, Princess Goblin★, Ramuh★, Red Captain, Red Dragon, Reynn (Tifa's Champion Jewel), Sea Worm, Shiva★, Shivalry, Tamamohimé, Tonberry King, Ultima Weapon, Ultros, Ultros★, Undead Princess★, War Machine, and XG.

Strength+++ is a passive ability that greatly raises strength.

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