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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is an upcoming action RPG title in the Final Fantasy series developed by Team Ninja, set to release in 2022. Revealed on 13 June 2021 at the Square Enix Presents digital presentation for that year's E3, Stranger of Paradise follows Jack, Ash and Jed in their quest to defeat Chaos as Warriors of Light.[1]

A limited time demo, titled Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Trial Version, was released the same day as the reveal, exclusively on PlayStation 5.[1] However, the demo was "corrupt and unplayable" at the time of release, with Square Enix promising they would resolve the issue.[2] Two days later the issue was resolved with a patch and the demo time was extended to compensate for it.


Stranger of Paradise features an action heavy battle system, that is said to "link to the story".[1] The player controls Jack, who can change Jobs and equip 8 different kinds of weapons and features a party that consists of 3 characters at a time. Party members' equipment can be changed and customised.[3][4]

Job system[]

Jack can change Jobs being able to choose from Warrior, Dragoon, Black Mage and more.[1]


Set in a "dark fantasy world", Jack and his companions claim to be Warriors of Light, though they harbor doubts about their place in the prophecy.[1] The world is based on concepts from the first Final Fantasy game, but does not take place in that world.[3][4]


  • Jack, the player character, whose goal is to kill Chaos.
  • Ash, one of Jack's companions.
  • Jed, one of Jack's companions.
  • Garland, a knight that journeyed to the Chaos Shrine prior to the party with the same goal that now claims to have become Chaos.


Tetsuya Nomura came up with the concept for Stranger of Paradise around the time after the release of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, and united that concept with a series of Final Fantasy games he was ideating that were focused around "the story of an angry man". Nomura considered it a challenge to find a middle ground for the title, between "mature" and "stylish".[1]

During development the team was unsure if they should allow players to direct party members and influence their growth, but would make that decision based on feedback from the demo.[3][4] There was a thought among the development team of having only Jack in combat, but it was decided against as they felt the concept of a party was integral to the Final Fantasy series.[3][4]


Upon the release of its reveal trailer, Stranger of Paradise received mockery for its dialogue,[5] with publications citing its tone as "super-edgy"[6] and "so bad it's good".[7]

Production credits[]

Concept Tetsuya Nomura
Creative Producer Tetsuya Nomura
Story and Scenario Kazushige Nojima
Character Design Tetsuya Nomura
Producer (Square Enix) Jin Fujiwara
Director (Square Enix) Daisuke Inoue
Producer (Koei Tecmo Games) Fumihiko Yasuda
Director (Koei Tecmo Games) Hiroya Usuda
Director (Koei Tecmo Games) Nobumichi Kumabe
Composers Naoshi Mizuta, Hidenori Iwasaki, Ryo Yamazaki

Voice cast[]

Character Japanese English
Jack Kenjiro Tsuda Mocean Melvin
Ash Atsushi Miyauchi Mark Neely
Jed Yusuke Suda Alejandro Saab


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