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A story event (ストーリーイベント, Sutōrī Ibento?) is a type of event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Like most events, they are accessible from the Vortex. These events unveil certain untold aspects of the main scenario while centering on certain characters (who are featured for summoning for the event's duration), across several stages.


The chapters must be played in order as passing through one is a requisite to unlock the next one, until the end. In order to access a chapter the player must select an area to enter and beat the multiple stages found in. Overall fairly similar to playing in the main world.

However there are some differences. Chapters contain two kinds of stages, story and battle. Story sections require no NRG and consists purely of cutscenes that the player for additional information. The battle sections require NRG and are played like normal stages, passing through multiple rounds. The player must repeat this until the chapter is beaten and do the same until all chapters are completed. Chapters usually carry 3 Story sections and 5 Battle ones, with a Boss battle at the end of each chapter.

Once a player begins a chapter they can no longer customize their party or select a companion unless they quit the chapter. Quitting the chapter or being defeated will bring an end to the adventure and any progress for that chapter is instantly forsaken, so once players begin they have to finish. HP, MP values, fallen party members, etc. are carried over within the chapter, so the player must prepare with care. However Lapis can be used to continue.

In order to gain rewards the player needs to complete Missions within each stage. Before a chapter is entered a long list of all the Missions is displayed so the player can prepare their party for all of them. Even if a Mission is completed, the player will not get any reward until the chapter is completed, at which point the player will receive the rewards of all achieved missions into their in-game mail box. If any mission is failed, the player will have to play the entire chapter again, so one must be careful as the NRG costs pile up significantly later on.

Chapters usually start with a modest NRG cost and difficulty, but as the player advances through chapters the NRG costs become enormous and the difficulty also raises significantly, although newer players should be fine through most of them.

Rewards in this event usually include materials for Ability Awakening of all tiers, equipment, materia and even Trust Moogles. Rewards are also given at the end of each chapter, regardless of the missions and mostly consist of Ability Awakening materials, but their tier and amount appear to be random and commonly of lower value than the mission rewards.

List of story events[]

Event Notes Region Duration
Japan Global
The Gathering
FFBE Event Gathering.png
Guide Amelia as she recruits formidable allies for Crown Prince Shera of Zoldaad. September 12–22, 2016 June 9–22, 2017
A Promise Beyond Time
FFBE Event Promise Beyond Time.png
Present and past unveil when a young adventurer discovers the mysteries of an underground castle. October 13–22, 2016 June 14–27, 2017
Time for Revenge
FFBE Event Time for Revenge.png
Follow Darklord, Flamelord and Earthlord prior to the Earth Crystal's destruction. November 11–20, 2016 August 4–17, 2017
Memories from the Battlefield
FFBE Event Memories Battlefield.png
Follow Lightlord, Waterlord and Heavenlord as they explore Lapis in their exile. December 9–21, 2016 August 25 - September 7, 2017
Guardian of the Order
FFBE Event Guardian of the Order.png
A wave of children kidnappings besets the Grandshelt kingdom and is up to Capitan Loren to stop them. February 15–25, 2017 November 3–16, 2017
Fate of the Dragoon
FFBE Event Fate of the Dragoon.png
Duke is prepared to give his life to seal the dragon, but will his friends let that happen? March 10–20, 2017 December 1–14, 2017
Way of the Warrior
FFBE Event Way of the Warrior.png
April 11–20, 2017 January 12–26, 2018
The White Sage and the Magic Cane
FFBE Event The White Sage and the Magic Cane.png
In preparation for her return home, Sakura seeks a new weapon after her scythe breaks. May 11–21, 2017 February 2–15, 2018
Pride of Gungan
FFBE Event Pride of Gungan.png
Gungan divided: Natura and Shybira cannot co-exist. Or so they believe. June 12–21, 2017 March 23 - April 4, 2018
Conspiracy to the Throne
FFBE Event Conspiracy to the Throne.png
Mere days before Prince Shera ascension to the throne, conspirators plot to assassinate him. July 11–20, 2017 April 13–26, 2018
The Phantom Blueprint
FFBE Event The Phantom Blueprint.png
How did Evan came to be under Dr. Lazarov's thrall? And how is it connected to a black mage and a berserker? August 10–20, 2017 May 18–31, 2018
Where Destinies Intersect
FFBE Event Where Destinies Intersect.png
The path of a strategist, a dancer and three stewards intersect to unveil the mystery of some ruins. September 12–21, 2017 June 15–28, 2018
The Ballad of Grandshelt
FFBE Event The Ballad of Grandshelt.png
Raegen, a wanderer with no home on a mission, finds himself charmed by Grandshelt. October 10–19, 2017 July 13–26, 2018
Domain for Two
FFBE Event Domain for Two.png
A girl and her coeurl defend their territory from Aldore soldiers. Will they find peace? November 10–20, 2017 August 10–23, 2018
The Color of Heartlessness
FFBE Event The Color of Heartlessness.png
Hyoh, Delta Star of the Orders, must prove himself trustworthy by rooting out a traitor amongst the Aldore ranks. December 11–19, 2017
January 11–21, 2019 (rerun)
September 14–27, 2018
Piercing Light
FFBE Event Piercing Light.png
Citra wasn't always fixated on revenge, but life is not so kind. January 11–21, 2018 October 12–25, 2018
Lion of the Mysterious Woods
FFBE Event Lion of the Mysterious Woods.png
February 9–19, 2018 November 9–22, 2018
Sieghard, The Magnificent
FFBE Event Sieghard The Magnificent.png
Sieghard tells his story: find out about his fabulous family and his rivalry with Dark Fina. March 9–19, 2018 December 7–20, 2018
Priestess of the Crystalline Waters
FFBE Event Priestess of the Crystalline Waters.png
Before the Aquapolis, there was Olde... until Folka, the first Water Priestess, forged a covenant with Leviathan. April 10–20, 2018 January 18–31, 2019
Blacksmith of the Flame
FFBE Event Blacksmith of the Flame.png
Ignacio seeks to prove his worth as a blacksmith, incensed by a conceited inventor. May 10–21, 2018 February 15 - March 7, 2019*(Extended for one week due to bugs)
Taking to the Skies
FFBE Event Taking to the Skies.png
History is made when Cid teaches the dwarves under General Nagflar how to make airships. June 11–20, 2018 March 15–28, 2019
Out for Revenge
July 10–20, 2018 ~April 2019
The Day the Fire Started
August 10–20, 2018 ~May 2019
Recordings of a Doll
September 20–30, 2018 ~June 2019
The Star of Unity
October 10–23, 2018 ~July 2019
November 12–20, 2018 ~August 2019
Fun Fun Physalis
December 11–20, 2018 ~September 2019
Bouquet of White Lilies
February 12–20, 2019 ~November 2019
Run Towards the Forgotten Dawn
March 11–20, 2019 ~December 2019


  • Story events are released once per month, usually early-mid month, and are the most stable content update by far, with one exception: August 2017 had two story events, but corrected by having no story event on the following month.