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Storm the Gates and Disable the Emergency Lock are quests in Chapter 7, "A Trap Is Sprung", in Final Fantasy VII Remake taking place in Mako Reactor 5. After fighting up through Mako Reactor 5 and disabling defenses on the airbuster, Cloud Strife, Barret Wallace, and Tifa Lockhart leave the reactor, prepared to battle it and destroy it in front of live television.


"Storm the Gates" occurs after using the elevator to the lab at the top of the reactor, and is concurrent with "Waste Recovery". Enter the laboratory on the right, and all levers must be moved simultaneously. Just after Tifa's signal, push the Left stick and Right stick upwards to disable it, just in line with her movement. "Waste Recovery" can be completed afterwards.

Once opened, leave through the door, where a vending machine can be used, and several items, materia, and armor can be purchased, as well as the "Bombing Mission" track. HP Up Materia HP Up Materia and Poison Materia Poison Materia are new. Having Lightning Materia Lightning Materia on all characters is also worthwhile, and Parry Materia Parry Materia is effective to dodge many attacks. HP Up can be useful if characters have spare slots and are vulnerable, but is very expensive, and poison materia can be useful later on but is not necessary at this time. Of the armor, mesmeric armlet can be purchased; this is a fairly useful armor that improves magic stats and has two materia slots, making it great for Cloud or Barret, who are good at spellcasting. Three mega-potions can be bought, which restore a great amount of HP, and can be very useful for the upcoming battle.

After shopping, upgrade currently equipped weapons and equip all available materia slots, then use the bench on the right of the vending machine to fully heal the party. If the player has the Elemental Materia Elemental Materia, embuing it with lightning materia on Tifa Lockhart can increase her damage and take advantage of her high attack power attribute. Afterwards, head out to the walkway, where a cutscene commences, followed by the boss battle. A summon materia, such as Ifrit Materia Ifrit Materia, should also be equipped.

Airbuster boss[]


The Airbuster boss battle plays slightly differently based on the player's choices in "Sentenced to Death", as its mobility or damage may be reduced. The boss is very durable, and weak to Lightning Lightning, which is the quickest way to stagger it. The boss will charge up shockwaves around it, fires electric mines on the ground, and throws big bomber shells at range, all of which should be dodged, and also use machine guns either side, which should be guarded against.

Use Thundara Thundara or Thunder Thunder often if available, or simple character abilities. The boss will also face a certain direction, with Cloud starting on the lefthand side of the walkway while Tifa and Barret are on the right; whichever way the boss is facing will vary its attacks, so the controlled character should either guard or attack. Once staggered, Tifa's martial techniques with Unbridled Strength should be used to increase the damage it takes, and all characters should then lay into it with abilities. When limit breaks are available, use them frequently.

After the boss loses a quarter of its health, it will move backwards, and then fire its Tankbuster cannon. The characters should run from this attack, though switching to Barret is a good way to avoid it as he will stand at range. Following this attack, Airbuster throws several long-distance attacks at the party, and also sends out its left and right arm, which will attack the party at range. These should be guarded against and dodged often, though the same attacks should be used as before, and the party should focus on destroying the left and right. arm Stay back whenever it charges Tankbuster, and try to stagger it.

After it loses half HP, the boss will fly in the air and fire at a distance. Barret is the only one who can fire at it at this point, and the party must avoid the electric mines it throws and its other attacks. After losing another 25% of its HP, it will fly in closer, at which point Cloud and Tifa can attack. Its melee attacks are very strong, and should be evaded at all cost, while its flamethrower attack can be guarded against. When it charges up Tankbuster, as before, simply switch to a character out of range from it.

The Airbuster drops the titanium bangle. After Airbuster is destroyed, a cutscene commences, leading into the quest "Second Chance Meeting", in the chapter "Budding Bodyguard".

Hard mode tips[]

Airbuster is significantly more challenging than before, as it is more durable and has more damaging attacks. Pairing Barrier Materia Barrier Materia with Magnify Materia Magnify Materia can be effective against its more damaging attacks later on. Lightning materia is as effective as ever, and can be paired with MP Absorption Materia MP Absorption Materia to cast it more often. Characters doing this can equip a weapon boosting their magic attribute or MP regeneration. Weapons with Reprieve are helpful for surviving many of its attacks. Because the boss will often fly out of range, Barret should use a ranged weapon. Refocus Materia Refocus Materia is useful on any party member to use attacks more frequently.

Regen Regen should be cast throughout the battle. Cloud can use Blade Burst if he has a weapon either focused on magic damage or with a balanced mix of magic and physical damage to damage it from a distance. Tifa's Starshower is also useful against the boss to deal damage while avoiding its attacks. Barret can remain at a distance and used Focused Shot to build stagger.

Tankbuster will be cast more often, and casting Manaward Manaward or Manawall Manawall can be effective in reducing damage. Parry can also be effective in dodging it, and Barret should make use of Lifesaver to save the rest of the party. Focusing on remaining defensive while dealing damage will eventually bring Airbuster down.

Defeating Airbuster in this difficulty will unlock Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. VI.

Behind the scenes[]

Britt Baron stated that recording her lines for "Disabling the Emergency Lock" was among her most challenging moments, as she had to record "One, two, three" at least "50,000 times in different ways".[1]


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