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Storm Elemental is an enemy in Final Fantasy XII found on the Giza Plains during the Rains. It only spawns when it is raining, either regular rain or a thunder storm. It spawns in the Warrior's Wash, North Bank, and South Bank areas.

Three of them are also fought in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode at Stage 30 alongside a Gil Snapper.

Storm Elemental is difficult to defeat when the party first passes through during the wet season, as its Thundara spell takes away 800 HP, more than any other spell cast by an Elemental. It is docile unless it is attacked or magick is used nearby.

Bestiary entry[]

Page 1: Observations[]

Being an elemental of lightning, traveled to our land on a bolt from the sky. On this subject, the old tomes speak much of the wrath of gods made apparent in the storm-lights, and their anguished cries in the rolling thunder. Even today, when knowledge of the elementals and the natural order in which they occur is widespread, these superstitions endure, such that many disdain harnessing the power of the bright element, fearing to profane the teachings of the gods. These "sacred" activities are reserved for and entrusted to priests of the highest orders.

Page 2: Aletap Rumors[]


The Original Japanese Guidebook cites Storm Elementals' MP as being 6000, but subsequent guides list it as 999.

AI script[]

ThundaraAny time (50%).
ProtectWhen docile (on any ally: 25%).
ShellWhen docile (on any ally: 25%).
SilenceWhen enemy is casting Magicks (on that enemy: 100%).
SleepAny time (5%)
Anti-MagickWhen HP < 50% and attacked by its weak element.
TargetingAttacks closest enemy.
Other InformationDetects Magick.


An elemental is a mythic being described in occult and alchemical works from around the time of the European Renaissance and particularly elaborated in the 16th century works of Paracelsus.

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